Tiger Prawn with Sweetcorn and Chilli By Ching He Huang

A quick and tasty stir-fry that is symbolic for Chinese New Year. Prawns symbolise happiness as they are homonym for ‘laughter’ and their reddish colour is synonymous with ‘luck’. The yellow colour of the corn resembles small nuggets of gold symbolizing ‘wealth’.gold symbolizing ‘wealth’.  Tiger Prawn with Sweetcorn and Chilli  Serves two  as a main […]

The Big Mac Index  

The euro and the pound are undervalued against the dollar by 24% and 18.7% respectively according to the latest Big Mac index, the patty-powered currency guide from The Economist. A Big Mac currently costs $5.06 in America but €4.06 in the Eurozone and £3.73 in Britain, showcasing the euro’s drop to just $1.05, its lowest level […]

Pineapple Shortcakes: Reinventing a South East Asian Classic

With an original Malaysian recipe at its heart, these pineapple shortcakes hold the foundation of a time-honoured favourite. These handcrafted gourmet treats from Hong Kong without artificial flavours or preservatives, use ingredients to create the ultimate ‘moreish’ experience – geddit? They are crumbly, buttery and full of flavour – perfect with a cup of tea! Founders […]

Droneball launches Crowdfunding Campaign

There’s never been a better time to own a drone now that iMaze Toys has released its new crash-resistant Droneball. The radio control gadget company’s newest product makes flying a drone safer and easier than ever. And, as it launches its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, Droneball is also more affordable than ever, with a fantastic […]

Cactus Water Category with true nopal – Pipped as Key Trend For 2017

Arizona based true nopal launched Europe’s first ever Cactus Water after a distribution agreement in February 2016 with LRS (Lucozade Ribena Suntory).  LRS’ foray into the healthy drinks market began with the flavoured Cactus Water, made from the pulp of the prickly pear fruit, beetroot and lemon. With half the sugar and calories of Coconut […]

Michelle Obama´s beauty secret revealed: Bio Botox gel to combat wrinkles

Kate Middleton gave the First Lady the tip – Bio, not Botox – The miracle gel Biotulin  In an interview with Celebrities Style Magazine, Carl Ray, make-up artist to Michelle Obama, now reveals that she uses a bio Botox gel to combat wrinkles. This miracle gel is the hot new trend as it removes fine […]

Hip Chips – Reinventing the Crisp!

Big fans of the crisp here, so great to read about Hip Chips opening at 49 Old Compton Street next week, and setting out to reinvent the potato crisp and bring a new eating concept to Soho. Freshly cooked and served straight to diners on a conveyor belt, hand-made potato crisps are served with a range of delicious savoury […]

The Ultimate Bar Cabinet: Containing The World’s Finest Drink & Cigars, Delivered With An Award-Winning Bartender

For devotees of the very best of Christmas spirit(s), furniture and cigars: luxury launches site VeryFirstTo.com has partnered with British furniture and interiors company Timothy Oulton to offer the world’s most remarkable bar cabinet. Marcel Knobil, founder of VeryFirstTo, says “Nothing like this has ever previously been offered and may never be possible again.” The Ultimate Bar Cabinet […]

Ab Fab – the afterparty at Liberty London

OMG – absolutely fabulous! The flowers alone must run into the thousands. What a great party after the world premiere. Every angle covered – beautifully dressed guests, great DJ and disco dance floor, gallons of Bolly,  Stoli clever cocktails, bags of sweeties and glitter everywhere. If Eddy were to describe the mood: Sex, bitch, aristo, sex, punk, whore, […]

Summer Soirees at Le Meridien Piccadilly

The sun came out for the launch of Le Meridien Nice’s ‘Summer Soirees’ residency in Piccadilly London.  Not much in common – the Med and metropolis,  you’d expect. But with a few beach huts, stripey deckchairs and a petanque pitch we were tastefully transported to the French Riviera. Okay, so we must have had a few wines – it’s […]