A Day in the Life of Filming – PAYBACK SEASON

“If the payments stop, the game is over”

This gritty thriller, which plays against the backdrop of London’s mean streets, stars Adam Deacon (Kidulthood, Adulthood, Shank, Anuvahood) in the lead role, Nichola Burley (StreetDance, Donkey Punch, Wuthering Heights), David Ajala (The Dark Knight, Hamlet, Adulthood), Leo Gregory (Green Street, Cass, Stoned), Anna Popplewell (The Adventures of Narnia, Mansfield Park) with special guest appearances by football legend Sir Geoff Hurst and radio’s DJ SpoonyWritten by Danny Donnelly & Jenny Fitzpatrick. Released 4th June 2012 to DVD, Blu-Ray, Download & On Demand by Revolver Entertainment.

Adam Deacon scooped the Orange Wednesday Rising Star BAFTA Award, voted for by the public, beating high profile competition from Eddie Redmayne (My Week with Marilyn, Birdsong), Tom Hiddleston (War Horse, Thor), Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Chris O’Dowd (Bridesmaids).

With nearly 100,000 social media friends and followers, including an array of celebrity friends including British boy band JLS, singer Leona Lewis, Tulisa Contostavlos (of N-Dubz), hit producer Labrinth and UK stars Professor Green, Tinchie Stryder, Tinie Tempah, TV chef Jamie Oliver, it’s easy to see why Time Out has named Adam as the ‘New Face of Youth Cinema‘.

PAYBACK SEASON follows Jerome Davies (Deacon), a young man from the tough streets of London, who has beaten all odds to escape the council estate where he grew up, to make a success of his life as a professional footballer.

The story is set against a backdrop of an interview he is doing with old flame Lisa (Nichola Burley) about his lifestyle, and how he escaped his past, which ironically all comes back to haunt him.

PAYBACK SEASON was filmed using the very latest digital equipment, the RED camera and Sony FX D-Cam.

A Day in the Life of Filming – PAYBACK SEASON

Location: Millwall Football Club – August 2011

Period dramas, once the staple of British production, are SO last year – the urban thriller has quickly become one of the UK’s fast-growing cinematic avenues. So in a corner of South London, a cast and crew of experienced veterans and newcomers have been defying the riots to create a story that blends football, gangs, bullets and temptation to the screen.

A police car goes by in the distance and just for a faint second everybody glances first in the direction of the sound and then at each other. It’s less than forty-eight hours after London experienced the worst riots in a generation and everyone gathered at Millwall Football Stadium knows that although things appear to have calmed down, it’s wise not to take anything for granted.

Today, the stadium is almost empty apart from the film-crew, actors, the occasional security-guard and the lone groundsman carefully trimming the blades of grass in a set pattern and stopping every five minutes when the cameras roll (he’s not a stunt groundsman, he’s the real thing). But the day before things had been different. Shooting out in the streets of North London, producer John Adams admits that everything was ‘under advisement.’

The day before had been fairly nerve-wracking when it fell to the filmmakers to make the decision as to whether they filmed or not. The cast and crew were in Hoxton Square, which is around the corner from where the rioting had been the night before. The decision was ultimately made to film during daylight hours and see how things progressed.  Extra security was organised for the day, and when the Metropolitan Police came along and said ‘You have to close down now as it’ll be dark soon…’ everyone left quickly.

Inside the Stadium, Deacon is kicking a ball around by the very edge of the pitch – the lawnsman glancing nervously from time to time to make sure his handiwork isn’t being undone.

Between takes on Leo Gregory is demonstrating a not-unimpressive technique with the ball himself – ranging from basic ‘keepy-uppy’ to bringing the ball down neatly onto the back of his neck then flicking it back into play.  Nearby in the stands, director Danny Donnelly is making sure the extras appearing as training team-mates, know their positions and movements for a pitch-side scene. It’s a short scene, but the past week has been a busy one and with only a few days left of principle shooting, he’s determined to get it all right.

As the crew get ready to film another shot, the lawnsman brings the grass-cutter to an emergency  stop and the actors get ready to start their lines… there’s suddenly the sound of a vehicle from somewhere outside the stadium. For another second there’s a faint pause, as… an ice-cream van’s melody fills the air. Everyone breathes out then begins laughing. No more sirens today.

“Tell ‘em mine’s one with a flake!” Leo Gregory laughs.

Released 4th June 2012 to DVD, Blu-Ray, Download & On Demand by Revolver Entertainment

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