Alan Chapman “Polite Paparazzo” in the Frame

Famed photographer Alan Chapman has launched a classy coffee table book called Frame.

It’s a who’s who of movie icons, rock stars and those who captured our hearts over the last few decades.

Sophia Loren, in an iconic portrait, Jack Nicholson – a hard-edged take on the mask required to face the flash bulbs, wild woman Courtney Love  – these are figures of the age, unguarded and their most provocative.


Quirky British figures such as the late TV presenter Paula Yates features in a haunting, Diana-esque well-framed landscape portrait.


Alan has been photographing celebrities for decades, waiting in the rain for those great, one frame snaps. I worked with him at the Sunday Mirror when I was trawling the parties and he always had my back – getting the shots I wanted and then some more. A privilege to see his pics trickle in on the wires after some bust up like that with Jay Kay, one night in which Alan’s trademark glasses were knocked off.  However much abuse he gets, Alan is still known among the greats as the Polite Paparazzo.


It’s a collection of 30 years photographing the rich and famous as they party and spill out of the great nightspots of London and Los Angeles.

Mick Jagger by Alan Chapman

Mick Jagger by Alan Chapman

Kate Moss by Alan Chapman

Kate Moss at 30 by Alan Chapman


12″ square and with 160 pages of exclusive black & white photography, “FRAME” makes a great addition to any coffee table collection of art books – and we are proud to have bought a copy of the 1,000 limited edition.

An exhibition of his work is on at the Hotel Cafe Royal, London with money raised going through Charity Stars.  Alan is the subject of a BBC Arts programme by historian Simon Schama charting our fascination of celebrity over the centuries to air in September 2015.

“FRAME” is available now priced at £45 + P&P from Greenwich Art Market SE London (Sat & Sun) or online at

He doesn’t need the exposure himself, but this is a work of art well-worth being framed.


Simon Schama's excellent series 'The Face of Britain' episode 3 - (Weds 14th Oct - 9pm) 'The Face of Fame'

Simon Schama’s ‘The Face of Fame’ featuring Alan Chapman

Alan Chapman features in Simon Schama’s excellent series ‘The Face of Britain’ episode 3 – (Weds 14th Oct – 9pm) ‘The Face of Fame’

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