An ‘Aukward’ iPad Case – Quality, Quirky & Quintessentially British

The ‘aukward’ case is a brand new British-made, book-style iPad cover, designed and lovingly made by hand  in the UK, which is both beautiful and functional, offering your iPad all-round protection. 

The first thing a lot of people ask is “Why aukward?”  Here’s why… 

A is for Artisan – because each case represents the best that Britain has to offer.  First, they take a stunning fabric (most of which are hand blocked), a leather hide or buckram (a traditional bookbinding material), all of which are British from design through to production.  Then they work with an English bookbinder who has been using the same traditional skills and techniques for three generations, and craft the outside of each aukward® case by hand.

UK is for UK made – because each aukward case is assembled, checked and packaged by hand in the Cotswolds, using the fabric, leather or buckram to envelope a sustainably sourced birch ply frame, also made in the UK, which secures the iPad. Every case is then despatched in bespoke cardboard packaging from a British paper mill.

Ward is for safekeeping – because the rigid outer book-style cover gives the iPad protection whilst helping to keep artisan skills alive and providing all the functionality you would expect of modern technology: automatic on/off facility as you open and shut your case, fold-over ability for ease of typing, and accessible ports and buttons.

aukward was founded by Debbie McGreevy, a former Director of the Benetton F1 team, who has always been involved in the technology field.

Prices range from £69 for buckram to £149 for leather; the full range of aukward covers can be viewed and bought online at

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