An Evening of Meat at Waterloo Vaults London

What a fun and slightly dystopian evening to be had at the Vaults in Waterloo with part-art, part-fine dining night club. Coming in from a graffiti-daubed passageway under the station you enter a world where the artist is mistress. Installations of steely female figures are set off against a painted backdrop of a horned, long-haired woman on all fours about to rear up in, hopefully, dance.

An Evening of Meat

An Evening of Meat


Director Kate March and her all-female creative collective, I AM, have brought An Evening Of Meat — previously performed in Berlin, Sydney and Hong Kong — to London.



Inside the deeply red, corrugated-lined dining room, blaring with 80s and synth pop take your seat at a communal table laid simply with a menu, wine glass, cutlery and a prostate human shape.

Canapes come as a savoury cone with chicken liver, with a rather nice bottle of red wine. The beats pump up and conversation is futile as the female shapes assert themselves in your space and later in your face. It’s a rather good six-course dinner with beef carpaccio with a Thai twist, a juicy mutton on peas with a sweet tinge of black garlic and crumbly dehydrated feta. Pig cheek in a ‘Yin and Yang’ combination of bright orange and slate-green lentils was melt-in-the mouth delicious.  Surprisingly there were a lot of vegan and vegetarian options that also sounded good.



The dessert of chocolate ganache, smoked salt and sesame ash was served in an actual ashtray.

An Evening Of Meat

70% Guanaja chocolate and olive oil ganache, sesame ash, coconut bacon flakes and vanilla smoked salt!


Not for the faint-hearted, there’s a lot of table thumping and a constant drawing your glass out-of-the-way as the entertainers prowl the room and tables, dropping off bits of clothing and watering the diners from aloft.

It’s loud, provocative but it’s fun – sparking every single one of your senses and stunningly getting the point across that women are not pieces of meat.

Book here – I’d recommend it!






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