ART: Joshua Yeldham – Surrender

Fantastical Australian artist, Joshua Yeldham, is my great discovery of 2015. Following on from my finding Emily Carr and her adventures in British Colombia I stumbled upon Josh at Art15,  and who has also inspired me with his wilderness – the Australian landscape, endowing it with graphic intensity and spiritual dreamscapes. Something peaceful yet dramatic and intriguing.

He spends weeks camping in the bush or along the river, immersing himself in his subject so that he might understand the forces of nature, both beautiful and cruel.

This stunning film shows him at work.

Joshua Yeldham at Art 15 London

Joshua Yeldham at Art15 London with Owl of Yeoman’s Bay

19th September at the Cat Street Gallery Annex Hong Kong

These notes from the Cat Street Gallery put it far better than I could:

“Yeldham can map an entire landscape, capturing every tree and bird, and present the whole scene in the wing of an enormous owl. The owl is a recurring image in Yeldham’s work, so much so that it has come to almost act as a metaphor for the artist. Known in mythology for their wisdom and ability to be both virtuous and predatory, owls play a distinct and multifaceted role in Yeldham’s unique visual language.”

Josh confided in me that he’d almost come to worship the owl – much meditation and longful wishing had brought him and his a wife a daughter after infertility.

One of his paintings sold to a famous collector who’d seen it on  Instagram – you can see why,  check Josh’s  beautiful work out here @joshuayeldham

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