British Spring the Italian Way at Spaghetti House

Food with provenance, fresh, cooked to order, tasty and seasonal: it’s all here on the Spaghetti House Spring menu to surprise diners with new dishes, and a quality of food not often associated with restaurant groups. We tried it, and it’s true. A passionate team led by Group Executive Chef Chris O’Neill and a hands-on approach by the Lavarini family mean this place will remain a favourite for decades to come.

Chris O'Neill

Group Executive Chef Chris O’Neill at Spaghetti House

Time spent developing a relationship with some of the UK’s best farmers, means that ingredients with certified provenance are received ‘just picked’, often on the same day, are only cooked to order, are always fresh, never frozen, and seasonal.

Family style dinner table for food bloggers at Spaghetti House

Family style dinner table for food bloggers at the original Spaghetti House at Goodge Street, London

The board is used to bash the ham and then serve with bread and huge olives

Battilardo d’affettati, served on an olive wood plank made to bash the Parma ham with spicy sopressata salame, bufala mozzarella, marinated artichokes, rosemary infused bubble bread & Nocellara del Belice olives £10.95


On the menu, just for May, is asparagus. Grown by Norfolk Country Asparagus in Wisbech have a very short season from April to end of May. After meeting the farmer, Spaghetti House secured the crop for their restaurants. Picked by hand at first light, carefully selected and cut to size, boxed and delivered within a day.

Asparagus Risotto at Spaghetti House

Asparagus Risotto – creamy yet light, healthy yet indulgent at Spaghetti House. Made with carnaroli risotto, fresh asparagus, lemon zest and padano hard cheese drizzled with olive oil. £12.50

In the Spaghetti House kitchens, the chefs turn them into three specials

Chargrilled fresh Norfolk Asparagus with fried duck egg, rosemary, parsley and pancetta at £6.95; Zuppa di Asparagi at £4.95 and Tagliatelle with fresh Norfolk Asparagus & mascarpone, a hint of anchovy, pangrattato & fresh basil at £12.95.

Gluten free gnocchi from Spaghetti House London

Gluten-free gnocchi from Spaghetti House London –

New on the menu are gluten-free gnocchi of purple potato, spinach & ricotta, summer squash & peppers, porcini mushroom & potato tossed in butter & crispy sage (v) £10.25

Insalata Suprema at Spaghetti House
Insalata Suprema – spicy and fresh with juicy pomegranate seeds at Spaghetti House

The Insalata Suprema – a super foods salad with roast breast of chicken in spicy n’duja marinade, boiled hen egg, spinach, alfafa sprouts, pomegranate, farro, avocado, raw beet and omega seeds at £12.50, served with stone baked flat bread.

From little known regional specialities such as Cuoppo di Fritto Misto from the Neapolitan coast, (a crispy fried fish mix with zucchini and artichoke served in a rolled up cone), to signature dishes such as Linguine with Vongole in Bianco using fresh Palourdes clams, white wine, chilli and garlic, Spaghetti House is creating renewed interest in the understanding and influence of Italian food and how it has grown and developed over the decades.

Spaghetti House

Linguine with Vongole in Bianco – with fresh clams from the Isle of Wight

With the kitchen at the heart of everything, Spaghetti House chefs continue to innovate seasonally whilst retaining the original recipes from the founding family.

With 12 restaurants from Knightsbridge to the West End, and from Westfield London to the edge of the City in Holborn, Spaghetti House is very Italian, friendly and very tasty. and we are tipping them for even greater things to come.

Spaghetti House is a modern classic. Try it again.


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