Dye Your Hair by Skype with YourColour

Making use of Skype and Face Time video call technology, YourColour starts with a free one-to-one video call consultation with a leading London Colourists for professional help and advice on choosing your perfect Permanent, Semi Permanent, High Lift Tint, or Toner colour, wherever you are in the UK.

London’s Bar Hairdressing Salon’s top colourists then hand mix your bespoke colour and dispatch to you by post along with gloves and mixing bowl in packaging specially designed to fit through your letterbox – so no ‘whilst you were out’ notes from the postie.

The whole service is a fraction of the cost of a salon visit at just £16.20 + £2.60 postage (£18.80 in total) and will appeal to those who want salon advice and great results at home.

The idea came from Brent Mossop and Miranda Alund from Bar Hairdressing in Clerkenwell London. Originally from Australia Brent came to London in the 90s where he became a session stylist working for The FACE amongst others. Then as a part of the team at Fish he helped develop Fish hair products. Brent launched Bar Hairdressing in 2005.

So why hasn’t this been done before? “It’s important to see the client, their colouring, hair type and style before we can advise on the best colour and application for them. Now that pretty much everyone has access to free video conferencing via Skype we can see, advise and create the perfect colour for people all over the UK.” saya Miranda Alund Co-founder YourColour.


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