Game, Set & Strawberries on Spaghetti House June Menu

It’s Wimbledon soon (23 June – 6 July) where strawberries are traditional, but it’s also the best time of year to enjoy the pick of the crop, and the ones you’ll find on the Spaghetti House menu come from one of Norfolk’s best producers, Fairview Nurseries in the village of Enmeth. Here, Stuart the father, is helped by wife and daughter, where the family have been growing strawberries for 60 years.

‘Gosh they are sweet. Close your eyes and summer is here’ is exactly what the Spaghetti House chefs said when they tasted these strawberries at the beginning of the British season in early May, and quickly secured the crop just for their 12 restaurants around London. Developing these special relationships with some of the UK’s best farmers, means that Spaghetti House can offer a quality of seasonal foods not often associated with restaurant ‘groups’.

The ’Elsanta’ strawberries on the menu just for June, are handpicked from 4.30 am, are boxed, refrigerated and sent to Spaghetti House. Juicy and packed with flavours, they come from field to plate in less than 36 hours.

In June, executive chef Chris O’Neill will be offering Frappé alla Fragola at £3.95, a refreshing  smoothie of Norfolk strawberries, banana, natural yogurt, acacia honey and strawberry compote;


Fragole con Mascarpone at £5.25

Fragole con Mascarpone at £5.25, with luxurious mascarpone, Madagascan vanilla and a home-made pure essence made from this fantastic strawberries, more intense than a sauce; and Coppa di Fragole at £6.95, with vanilla gelato, berry sorbet, crushed amaretti, dark chocolate sauce, pistachio.

Mmm here comes Summer. Come on Andy!

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