Meet the Halloween McEeries at Wilkinson

Wilkinson, the British family-run high street retailer with over 300 stores, over 30,000 products and a £1.5 bn turnover is  big business. Keeping it on track must  be quite a challenge. In the past couple of years they’ve set up a Trends Department and we were given access to the future of the discount chain’s themes for the next couple of years. We couldn’t take any photos but we did learn a few things about Japanese motif wallpapers, encrusted skulls and moustaches. That’s all we are allowed to say, sadly.

What we can say is that they have done a fantastic job with this year’s Halloween products. Creating from scratch their own copyright characters – The McEerie family. You’ll see them across the range, from felt masks (£1) to character loot bags (£3) and dolls.

Happy Halloween from Wilkinson

Happy Halloween from the McEeries at Wilkinson

Nanna McEerie at Wilkinson

Meet Nanna McEerie 

Halloween is growing bigger by the year almost mimicking Christmas in terms of seasonal push, range and instore display. There’s even felt Happy Halloween bunting 1.2m (£3). Wilkinson are behind the ‘Be Seen At Halloween’ campaign ensuring children are safe and visible on that dark Autumn night with neon stickers and ghost lantern tubes.

The costumes are numerous and affordable – for the 3-5 year old kids a Little Witch Costume (£5) and grown-ups a gold gown and Medusa crown (£10).

Charlotte Lamont as Medusa

Medusa Crown at Wilkinson

There also this haunted hat outfit nicely modelled with the Wilkinson’s shopper bag.

Alan Greenhalgh at Wilkson Press Day

Spooky, moi?

Dracula Halloween Costume at Wilkinson

Adult Dracula Halloween Costume at Wilkinson for £10 including trousers!

The big hit was the animated Halloween toys –  the huge, hand-clap activated spiders that fall from the ceiling and then slowly retract upwards (£10) and a cackling witch-chasing broom stick that lurches across the room on battery wheels.

Sweet Treats for Halloween

Sweet Treats for Halloween

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