Loving LE KEVIN – the only way to wear your glasses!

I’ve wanted one of these for absolutely ages. Every instagram post featuring LE KEVIN was a tiny, circular piece of my soul gone. And then I got one, and wow it was worth the wait. It’s sweet and round with a hole in the middle and adorns my neck with its cheerful colours and fabulous textures.

Think of wearing it with your Polo shirt for a bit of extra mind-bending fun and no, it doesn’t taste of mint and they don’t come in poppy seed.

thinking the symmetry of LE KEVIN matches the best bagels in the world at St Viateur Montreal

You’ll see architects wearing them purposefully and coutured creatives cradling them seductively. Cool dudes in shorts and pretty girls in bikinis – it’s one of those rare aesthetic accessories that is truly for everyone.

You won’t be able to make a spectacle of yourself with this cool unisex luxury personal spectacle holder.

Beautifully handcrafted seamless rings made in leathers and exotic skins and prints are available in a kaleidoscope of over 40 colour-ways and combinations to suit with a coordinating calf leather cord.  Men accustomed to placing their glasses on their heads, button holes or shirt pocket now have a stylish and safe alternative. It is practical and good-looking with or without your glasses.


LE KEVIN Beach capsule range in 6 sizzling neon colours from £40

So no more smudgy eyewear from wax in your hair, languishing somewhere you’d forgotten you’d left them and being trampled or sat on – ouch! Oh and it comes in a very nice box.

Visit WWW.LEKEVIN.CO.UK to get your hands on this timeless item.

LE KEVIN Impact is an impulse buy at £40 for handcrafted leather embossed in crocodile, lizard and ostrich prints.

LE KEVIN  Bijou is luxe and priced at £150 for handcrafted exotic crocodile, lizard or ostrich skins.

I don’t know who Kevin is, but I’d love to take a bite out of him!

The LE KEVIN is worn effortlessly around the neck, with your glasses simply slotting easily in to it.

LE KEVIN  Bijou is luxe and priced at £150