New 3D Art Installation by Jim Sharp at Graphic Bar, Soho

From September 2012 for six months, Graphic, owned by Urban Leisure Group are launching their new art installation designed by Jim Sharp, the renowned and innovative 70’s 3D artist, in collaboration with Bombay Sapphire Gin.

Sharp has produced a set of tranquil, deceptively simple 3D paintings with perception of depth as the main purpose. This perception alters when viewed through 3D glasses giving the art a new intrigue, undoubtedly enhanced by a tipple from Graphic’s ‘the world’s largest collection’ of Gin, oft served in paint tins.

Guests will be greeted by 3D art on the walls, 3D menus and a 4D cocktail – for four people to share, adding the four elements themselves (lab goggles will be provided) and everyone will be given 3D glasses to enjoy the entire experience.

3D Stereoscopic Paintings by Jim Sharp at Graphic Bar Soho London

No you are not seeing things – these are the drinks at Graphic Bar, Soho

Since opening four years ago, Graphic Bar has been keen to support local artists and the community and has hosted art installations from various artists that change every six months. These have included Ben Allen, Ben Eine and Turner Prize winner Mark Wallinger.

3D Stereoscopic Paintings by Jim Sharp

Artists have uses light and shade, perspective and scale to creat illusions of depth. Jim Sharp has stripped out all these visual clues from his images to concentrate on the actual perception of depth as the main purpose of his paintings.

When looked through the red/cyan filters a stereo fusion takes place. Our eyes see 3D all day long but suddenly seeing depth from a flat surface brings an element of surprise. Just as you get used to experiencing the 3D effect another intrigue occurs as the perspective appears to change when you move from side to side.

3D Stereoscopic Paintings by Jim Sharp at Graphic Bar Soho

3D Stereoscopic Paintings by Jim Sharp at Graphic Bar Soho

Today we are bombarded with so much visual information but Jim’s paintings have a tranquil look to them and don’t scream out at you demanding attention. They quietly wait until you decide to look at them though the viewer/glasses before they reveal their secrets.

3D Stereoscopic Manhattan by Jim Sharp

So realistic we could have driven a car down these streets

Specially formulated 3D colours are used to paint his pictures which balance in tone perfectly through the filters.

Alan Greenhalgh at launch of 3D Stereoscopic Paintings by Jim Sharp at Graphic Bar Soho London

My drink suddenly got bigger…

Jim has been working in 3D for three decades converting normal images into 3D for many famous brands, advertising agencies and publishers worldwide. He graduated from Liverpool Art High School and went on to invent and patent the Schafline High Definition System which revolutionised the way photographs, or halftone images, could be reproduced in newsprint.

The 3D installation at the Graphic was suggested by their designer Lee Linford.

Jim hopes his 3D paintings inspire others to take a fresh look at how we perceive the world around us.

Other 3D work can be seen on Jim’s website and he  has a short film The Blinking Third Eyelid by Jim Sharp.

4 Golden Square

t: 0207 287 9241

Opening hours:
Mon to Fri is 09:30 to 00:00
Saturday from 12:00 to 00:00
Sunday from midday to 21.00

Urban Leisure Group also owns Central Co opposite Liberty on Great Marlborough Street. Talking of gin have you seen this piece on Bloom Gin?

Artist Ben Eine is participating in post-Olympics Fine Art of Sails – here’s the first piece by Eley Kishimoto for art-related sailing.


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