Nutri Ninja Blender with FreshVac Puts The Freshness Back!

Super sexy, smart and powerful – yes, you guessed it – my new bit of essential kitchen gadgetry. Already a fan of  Ninja – I just don’t see myself as bullet-type person, I’m very impressed with this new bit of kit.

Imagine the brightest berries, non-browning fruit and crystal clear juice guaranteed. The new one-touch Ninja FreshVac Pump is engineered to lock vitamins in, reduce oxidation and separation, bring out vibrant colours and rich flavours, and even keep drinks fresh overnight. The difference is clear, literally – and stays that way without the claggy pulp that’s a mouthful in your morning smoothie.

NutriNinja Personal Blender with FreshVac Technology

I’ve tried it and it works!

If like me, you have a random fruit bowl, bags of frozen oddities such as ‘peeled avocados’ and always ‘out-of-season’ mangoes, plus vegetables that didn’t quite make the cut in last night’s dinner then you will love this!  After a run of mud green smoothies – who knew you could put limp lettuce leaves in,  I’ve now got the knack to get an attractive hue with a few well-chosen blueberries, bananas and milk. Now my smoothies are not only better for me, but look like something to enjoy and not like a home-remedy to slather on your face.

News just in – those free radicals are back at it again – and causing mayhem with our food.  With the slot-in vacuum pump, air is removed in less than a minute. Vacuum blending removes oxygen before the ingredients are blended, which slows down the oxidisation process, preserves nutrients and prevents air bubbles from being whipped into your drink. So you are only blending the fruit and there is a noticeably enhanced flavour profile. Purées are beautifully creamy, glossy and in texture – refined.  It tastes better, and there’s much more definition among the flavours. It’s quite remarkable.

Here’s one I made earlier:

Ninja SmartScreen Blender with FreshVac Technology CT660UKV - £179.99

blending lentil soup… not the most colourful but a staple in our kitchen!

The goblet is perfect for precise measurements, has a generous spout, feels secure on the base and has a useful lifting handle. The touchscreen lights up when the jug is in place and when the button on the lid is down. There’s a reassuring click when it all comes together!

In the liquidiser there are three blades on the spindle which means even chopping – no more hoping it all gets churned down or stopping and putting a spatula in to give it a mix. What a clever idea to have the blades at different heights in the jug. It’s great with ice – not like another blender I burned out for a margarita. The blade lifts out easily so there’s little chance of cutting fingers.  There’s one touch for smoothies, ice cream, puree and frozen drinks – all in about 60 seconds. It’s a powerful motor so there’s a noise – maybe they are working on that. Cleaning was easy but where the lid meets the vacuum pump was a bit fiddly. The vacuum pump takes six batteries – it does the job, but I’ll be ordering the mains adaptor.

FreshVac Pump supplied to remove excess air from the blending pitcher or Nutri Ninja single-serve cup.

There are three packages – the personal blender, the Smartscreen blender which comes with the large liquidiser jug, smoothie blender and a carrying goblet and the third which also includes the food processor jug which would be worth getting. All come with the FreshVac pump attachment.

Incidentally, SharkNinja is the company behind award-winning vacuums and sophisticated kitchen appliances.  So I have a vision of the ‘kids’ doing the new ‘Shake ‘n Vac’ – putting the freshness back into milkshakes, purees, desserts, cocktails and even baby food!

Life has come full circle.

Thank you so much to SharkNinja for gifting the blender – this is one Ninja that’s firmly rooted on my kitchen counter top!

Ninja SmartScreen Food Processor with FreshVac Technology CT670UKV – £229.99

The new range with FreshVac Technology is available direct from Ninja at

• NutriNinja Personal Blender with FreshVac Technology BL580UKV – £129.99
• Ninja SmartScreen Blender with FreshVac Technology CT660UKV – £179.99
• Ninja SmartScreen Food Processor with FreshVac Technology CT670UKV – £229.99