Razorpit Razor Sharpener Review and Giveaway

Razorpit LogoRazorpit is a must for anyone who shaves. It’s a simple idea and devastatingly effective. You know how your blade gets clogged – and you rinse it, rub a nail brush  or even, sometimes, I admit,  a toothbrush on it? That’s nowhere near as good as using Razorpit to remove the gunk and sharpen the blade.

Don’t just take our word for it! We’ve got one to give away! Read on to find out how…

Razorpit Razor Sharpener £21.95

Razorpit Razor Sharpener

Using disposable blades means that you are never quite sure how good the next shave is going to be. After loading a new blade and having a few magnificent shaves it’s a bit of gamble of how the blade is going to feel against the skin next time. How about the cost? Studies have shown men going to great lengths to keep down the cost of shaving. Some store their razors upside down, heat them up or put them in the dishwasher in order to preserve their blades. How old should the blade be before it’s tossed? You’re supposed to replace them after ten to 15 shaves, apparently, so is it time to buy a new blade? No, it’s time to buy Razorpit who claim you can save up to 90% on buying razor blades.

Nine billion razor blades are thrown away every year. Since the launch in November 2008 Razorpit have sold more than 300,000 – meaning that they have saved shavers more than €36,000.000 on razorblades! It’s going to be a lot more when you get hold of your own Razorpit – and just as the name suggests it’s a place to store the razor and it looks quite smart too.

Instructions for Use

1. Put a little bit of shaving product on the sharpening pad
2. Push your razor down and forward (against shaving direction)
3. Rinse off with water
4. Err, that’s it.

The Science Bit

Razor blades are not dull. They are just dirty. Five years of research made it possible to clean and sharpen all razor blades. Independent scientific test has proven that Razorpit removes organic material that accumulates on the edge of the blades. So that’ll be a bit of İbiza on that holiday blade.

Clean & Sharpen 

Razorpit is built on the same technology as the razor strop used by barbers for decades before the move to disposable blades. The barber’s strop removes the material that makes the razor blade feel dull – hair particles, skin cells, water and keratin. Razorpit is bit like the strop and the ‘pit’ works with all razor blades, even cartridge, disposable and on double edge blades. Guaranteed to extend the life of your razor blade and give a sharp, smooth and comfortable shave.

We’ve tried it, and it’s true – Razorpit gives a sharp, smooth and comfortable shave, time after time, after time.

Sure in the cut-throat market of razors, world leader Gillette, who only recently came clean about the blade life of their ProGlide cartridge, is aware of Razorpit –  Gillette threatened Razorpit with a lawsuit a couple of years ago. Razorpit’s reply? ”Who do you think pays for Tiger Woods, Roger Federer and Thierry Henry. Those guys are good at what they do, but they won´t make your shave feel better!!

The Danish entrepreneurs behind the company Jesper Hvejsel, Mikkel Salling and  Jonas Mann also want to add a bit of humour into their offering, and like us at Shinesquad love this viral video from subscription service Dollar Shave Club, with nearly 7 million YouTube hits.

Another thing Razorpit are doing well is social media – their post about a ‘product with a story‘ shows their approach to reaching out to bloggers using a budget of only $1000 and only communicating with people over the internet. The goal to increase salesAnd just check out their YouTube channel with tens of reviews.

Razorpit ships free worldwide. The shipping time is 2-5 days in Europe, 5-21 days in the rest of the world. If you buy your razorpit at razorpit.com they offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Razorpit Giveaway

Enter on our Facebook page by the end of Movember and get a brand new Razorpit worth £21.95 RRP (no cash alternative).

Highly recommended.

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