Review: On Bear Ridge at the Royal Court

The Royal Court Theatre is well known to champion contemporary playwriters and with this excellent production of On Bear Ridge, it once again puts on a play, which is both of this time and still has an oddly ancient feel to it. The double bill of writer Ed Thomas and Vicky Featherstone co-direct a thought-provoking story about times of war, death, survival and carrying on.

Theatre review by Bee

And in true Brechtian fashion the action sways from utter tragedy to absurd comedy with the language not just conveying meaning but also rhythm and identity beyond the spoken word.

The four actors are all equally wonderful, with a special shout out to the chemistry between Rhys Ifans and Rakie Ayola, who really make you believe in a couple that has stood by each other through life and loss.

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Curtain call: Rhys Ifans and Rakie Ayola in On Bear Ridge at the Royal Court Theatre London

The set and sound design/music deserve also to be noted, because the stellar work of Cay Difan, Mike Beer and John Hardy draws the audience in this dystopian world of a derelict and lost village, that would die completely, were it not for Daniel and Noni.

Highly recommended after an experience, that will linger on long after the play has ended.

On a totally different note: the fact that the Royal Court Theatre sells the text of the plays as their programs and that it has the most comfortable seats ever, make it my favourite!

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In a lost village, blurred by redrawn borders, hidden under a crumb on the map, Bear Ridge Stores still stands.