Travel: Circumnavigation of Canada with One Ocean, Fairmont Hotels and Via Rail

Exploring Canada from coast to coast is a dream of mine! Having had a taste of Toronto and a love of Canadian art  the ‘Circumnavigation of Canada’ would be the trip of a lifetime.  Canadian polar cruise specialist, One Ocean Expeditions, is celebrating its 10th birthday with the launch of an extraordinary Circumnavigation of Canada. This epic voyage explores Canada’s most iconic locations […]

Extreme Adventurer Andy Torbet’s Operation Iceberg

We are suckers for a bit of adventure at Shinesquad – we’ve been Gumballing, rallying, sailing and skydiving recently so it’s nice to read of even more exploits pushing the adrenaline envelope… Andy Torbet – Extreme Adventurer Andy Torbet is an extreme adventurer, presenter and zoologist. Part of the team on the BBC’s Coast programme, […]