Alan Chapman “Polite Paparazzo” in the Frame

Famed photographer Alan Chapman has launched a classy coffee table book called Frame. It’s a who’s who of movie icons, rock stars and those who captured our hearts over the last few decades. Sophia Loren, in an iconic portrait, Jack Nicholson – a hard-edged take on the mask required to face the flash bulbs, wild woman Courtney Love […]

The King of Marvin Gardens – Rarely Seen American Film Classic Reissued

In one of several successful collaborations with director Bob Rafelson (Five Easy Pieces), Jack Nicholson stars with a superb and subtle performance to play the lead role of David Staebler in The King of Marvin Gardens. ‘You notice how it’s Monopoly out there?’ Set in Atlantic City with artfully crafted cinematography by the acclaimed László […]