Chef Ken Hom – 30 Years of Wok

When I said I was meeting Ken Hom, a younger colleague said “oh, isn’t he the guy who invented the wok?” Well, I guess he did, in a way, by putting a flat bottom on it in 1986, so we could use it on our UK stoves. Now at least one in seven people in Britain […]

Celebrity Chef Ken Hom To Support Launch Of Oriental Culinary Institute From School Of Wok

I first met the delightful Ken Hom many moons ago at Yellow River in Canary Wharf – with some of the best Chinese food I’ve ever tasted – even the prawn crackers were incredible. He’s a superstar – starting with the iconic Ken Hom’s Chinese Cookery TV series back in 1984,  his woks have been the no. 1 leader in the UK […]