The Rainforest Alliance ‘Follow the Frog’ Campaign September 10-24th

The Rainforest Alliance’s annual, iconic ‘Follow the Frog’ campaign, will run from September 10-24th 2018. This year it has a new social media component that will be featured on the Rainforest Alliance’s global Instagram platform.  This platform has now grown to nearly 100,000 followers with engagement by ‘eco’ celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprio,  Cameron Russell and Phil Torres.  It has also had “Instagram takeovers” by more than 50 wildlife and conservation photographers including Ami Vitale, Mattius Klum, Cristina Mittermeier, Joel Sartore, and many others.

The social media campaign is a two-week “Instagram Challenge” with the goal of educating and inspiring consumers on how to live more mindfully.  Followers can engage in targeted #FollowTheFrog posts and test their “sustainability IQ” with a chance to win a basket of Rainforest Alliance Certified products.

Use #followthefrog and @RnfrstAll_UK and follow n Instagram  to convey the message that we are “better together”!

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