Top Packing Tips and Ten Mags for a Tenner from lekiosk

With Brits fleeing the UK after the Olympics this summer, the annual war between us and our unruly suitcases has begun.  Just thinking about what to pack is a task in itself, but trying to fit it all into an airline’s luggage allowance is a challenge, especially as baggage allowances are getting smaller and some airlines are now even charging for hand baggage.

Hands up!  We over pack.

Friend’s sitting on your suitcase ring any bells?  Repacking at the gate, or worse still getting lumped with a hefty excess baggage charge?

Last year alone, Brits incurred baggage charges of £186 million as a result of over packing for their summer holidays. If, like us, you’ve switched to hand-baggage-only there’s little space for books and magazines. Not anymore with a smart app from lekiosk – the first 3D newsstand in the world; with hundreds of UK, French and more international titles for you to read in digital format. Available as of the first day of publication, you can enjoy your magazine on any devices you want, including iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and mobiles, and any computers. That’s gonna look good on the iPads of some of these self-searching celebs and with the full text search through more than 400K articles they are going to be kept busy on the beach.

Here are some top tips to help you save space in your bag, making sure that sitting on your suitcase will become a thing of the past … you may even end up with extra room to bring back a few holiday treats.

  1. Put your toiletries on a diet – If you’re only going away for a few days, you don’t need to bring full-sized bottles of everything. Put your shampoo, conditioner and body wash into slimmed-down travel sized bottles, or buy basics when you get there.
  2. Go digital – Get all your favourite magazines without having to carry them, by downloading them on to your iPad with lekiosk, a funky 3D digital newsstand app  that allows you to read magazines, whenever and wherever you want. They’ve even got a “10 magazines for £10 deal” and how good do you feel that downloading the digital version of magazines helps preserve the forests by not printing pointlessly on paper.
  3. Prepare what you wear – Match up outfits before you start packing, this will make it easier to spot the items you don’t need to pack. Remember that a scarf can keep you warm so you might not need to bring a jacket – and they look as good on the beach as they do on the town.
  4. Ditch the handbag – Leave the hard leather bags at home and replace them with light and easy to pack canvas tote bags.
  5. Roll, don’t fold – Folding can crease your clothes, and it’s not a good way to save on space. Instead, make sure you up your dresses, jeans and tees into tightly packed tubes
  6. Leave the digital camera at home – Leave your digital camera at home and capture those holiday snaps on your iPad or camera phone. This means you can also upload them straight onto Facebook, annoying all your friends back home with instagrammed mojitos.
  7. Embrace your bulky items – Make sure you wear your bulky items such as boots or a hoody for the flight, instead of packing them. This will mean you free up more space for other outfits inside your bag.
  8. Throw away those cheesy travel games – We all love travel games, but you can download all the top games onto your phone or tablet meaning you don’t need to lug them around in your bag.
  9. Fill your shoes up – Don’t waste valuable space, each shoe has space that can be used for storage. Put rolled up socks and leggings (or even your favourite bottle of perfume – watch out for the liquid limits if its hand luggage) inside your shoes to maximise every inch of space.
  10. Switch to a soft suitcase – A soft case offers more flexibility with its pockets and side compartments, giving you more room to squeeze in a few holiday essentials while still giving your luggage the protection it needs

Here’s what you’ve been carrying!

Magazines (one issue) – approx. 250g

50 Shades of Grey (one book) – approx. 500g

Guidebook –approx. 250g

Language translator/dictionary (book) –approx. 250g

Digital Camera – approx. 233g

Shampoo & Conditioner – approx. 500ml

Ditch them and get tech appy with lekiosk.

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