URBAN HUNTING | LONDON by artist David Josef Tamargo

Modern man, evolutionarily speaking, is still a hunter. Although he has traded spears for cash and credit cards, the hunter is still alive inside.

Urban Hunting addresses the struggle of interpreting modern society. It asks the question; “How will the imagined world of our present day be interpreted by future humans?”

Urban Hunting focuses on creating and documenting situational fantasy where Tamargo and his characters hunt/interact with man-made animal sculptures found in urban environments.

An exhibition of 10 photographs by Cuban-American artist David Josef Tamargo as part of the launch for his International Urban Hunting campaign for climate change and species extinction awareness.

David Josef Tamargo

David Josef Tamargo

Reception at The Groucho Club in Soho this Saturday May 3, 2014, upstairs in the Gennaro Room from 7pm – 2am. This exhibition is co-curated by Michelangelo Bendandi of Lisson Gallery and Matthew Devlen of Shinesquad.

The Groucho Club is a private members club formed in 1985 located on Dean Street in London’s Soho. Its members are mostly drawn from the publishing, media, entertainment and arts industries.

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URBAN HUNTING | LONDON by artist David Josef Tamargo


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