FESTIVAL: ​​Starmus III with Stephen Hawking in Tenerife

Starmus,  a highlight on the calendar of the brightest minds in science and space, will take place from June 27th – 2nd July 2016 in Tenerife under the theme Beyond the Horizon – Tribute to Stephen Hawking.

At a launch event in the  Royal Astronomical Society in Piccadilly there was an expectant hush as Prof. Stephen Hawking came into the room. This guy is a superstar. It’s rather like meeting a member of the Royal family, one doesn’t touch, tries not to stare but this is one of the most iconic figures of our world and it was privilege for a maninlondon to be there.

Stephen Hawking London Tenerife Starmus

Beyond The Horizon
Tribute to Stephen Hawking June 27 – July 2 – 2016

Prof. Stephen Hawking was there with Starmus Festival Founder and leading astrophysicist Dr. Garik Israelian​ and rock royalty and astronomer Dr. Brian May to announce Starmus III.

Brian May Queen Starmus Tenerife

Dr. Brian May – musician, singer, songwriter, and astrophysicist!

Starmus III has a fantastic line up of the world’s leading scientists, astronauts and Nobel Prize winners, including:

  • Neil deGrasse Tyson – Astrophysicist and Science Communicator
  • Eric Betzig – Physicist and Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry 2014 for “the development of super-resolved fluorescence microscopy”
  • Colonel Chris Hadfield – Astronaut and First Canadian Commander of the International Space Station (2015)
  • Harry Kroto – English Chemist and Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry 1996
  • Lord Martin Rees – Astronomer Royal. Professor of Cosmology and Astrophysics at The University of Cambridge
  • Adam Riess – Astronomer, Physicist and Nobel Prize winner in Physics in 2011, who led a study for the High-z Team which provided the first published evidence that the expansion of the Universe was accelerating and filled with Dark Energy
  • Russell Schweickart  –  Astronaut and Scientist – ex-NASA Apollo Series astronaut and logged over 4,000 hours of flight time for the US Air Force
  • Neil Turok – Scientist and Professor of Physics and co-author of the popular science book Endless Universe: Beyond the Big Bang
  • Kip Thorne – Astrophysicist who has forged a career in writing and movies – his latest project was Interstellar (2014), directed by Christopher Nolan


London  April 2015 Stephen Hawking

Dr Brian May, Dr. Garik Israelian, Mr. Carlos Alonso and Prof Stephen Hawking

The festival also inspires and captures the imagination of the wider general public who have an interest in space, stargazing, science, art, music and sci-fi.  One of the highlights is the “Teide Starmus Party”, an evening of stargazing in the company of professional astronomers and live music performances, set within the lunar-like landscape of Teide National Park and under the canopy of the Milky Way.

 Here’s me looking all intellectual

Man in London

Alan Greenhalgh at the Royal Astronomical Society

Sounds like a great event.


Read more about Tenerife here.

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