Acoustic Tailoring from Harris Tweed & Linn Series 5

Kingsman, erm sorry, Huntsman plays host to British-made music system styled in iconic Harris tweed.

Linn Series 5 will be on show at H. Huntsman & Sons until 7th May, 2016

Linn Series 5 will be on show at H. Huntsman & Sons until 7th May, 2016

In the hushed and elegant surroundings of one of Savile Row’s finest tailors – location for the Kingsman spy movie, we were treated to London Grammar’s track Hey Now, with remarkable studio quality sound on Linn Series 5 speakers clad in tweed.

Fireside companions - Linn Series 5 in Harris Tweed at Huntsman Savile Row

Fireside companions – Linn Series 5 in Harris Tweed at Huntsman Savile Row

Firstly, you could hear a pin drop – and there were plenty of them, and we were assured the ‘experts’ had been in to tweak the system with a “space optimisation algorithm” to reveal the music that would otherwise be hidden. Something you can imagine Richmond Valentine plotting. Lucky for us, our heads didn’t explode. And if the Kingsman suit can be bulletproof and resistant to bludgeoning, then it’s perfect material for encasing the high-end audio Linn Series 5 –  with the natural feather-light fibres and loose weave releasing the sound beautifully.

Linn has a perfect pedigree, based in Scotland they design and manufacture everything in-house and were awarded a Royal Warrant in 2002 as suppliers of entertainment systems to the Royal Household.

This collaboration with Harris Tweed Hebrides has created a collection of five herringbone weaves inspired by the Hebridean landscape which are exquisitely tailored to the Linn stand alone speakers – acoustic tailoring you might call it.


five beautiful herringbone weaves inspired by the Hebridean landscape.

Suits you sir! five beautiful herringbone weaves in granite, grouse, spruce peat and barley


Linn’s Series 5 range includes the Linn 530 System which provides power, precision and incredible musical accuracy, while its little sister, the Linn 520 System exudes musicality and style with a discreet form factor – they can both be wirelessly controlled using any device you choose, with music streamed in the highest quality from any source.

Kingsman Savile Row

A stylish addition to any home Linn Series 5

A Series 5 system complete with Harris Tweed covers is available to order starting from £9,600 with additional covers available from £350.

Linn Series 5 will be on show for just two weeks at H. Huntsman & Sons from 26th April ahead of London Craft Week which runs from 3rd – 7th May, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship as part of a programme of over 130 events across the city.

Huntsman at 11 Savile Row, London W1S 3PS

London Craft Week visit and

P.S. We had a chat with the wonderful Johnny Allen, Head of Bespoke and a tour of the building from  under cutter Sam  –  all the tailoring is done on site and one suit can take 80 hours to make. There are some dusty ledgers dating back over a century with the orders for the Buckingham Palace footmens’ costumes for Queen Victoria’s funeral. Paper patterns strung up above the fireplace reveal a who’s who of the rich and famous  – actor Gregory Peck bought over 200 pieces and David Bowie had a green ‘zoot’ made here.

David Bowie at Huntsman

David Bowie for Town & Country magazine photo by David by Norman Parkinson 1982

And it’s not just for the men, Lauren Bacall was a fan and Nicole Kidman wore a Huntsman suit to Women World Summit.

Plus we couldn’t resist a shot in the Kingsman lair –

Savile Row Huntsman interior

Changing Rooms

Huntsman Kingsman Savile Row changing room

That sinking feeling…

Kingsman changing room in Huntsman Savile Row

Our very own KingsMan in London – Alan Greenhalgh


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The Secret Service is no longer a secret – go and visit and tell them KingsMan in London sent you…











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