Are You Missing Out on Social Media Marketing?

Are you missing out on great opportunities that your competitors are exploiting?

Over three-quarters of UK brand managers believe content marketing is an important area of focus, but less than half have developed a clearly-defined strategy for this channel. According to a poll in Content Marketing Survey Report by Econsultancy, October 2012 – 83% of brand managers used social media posts and updates and 78% sent email newsletters, alongside 67% running news and articles on their own sites and 64% utilising press releases and PR articles.

Another 63% used blogs, and 58% uploaded online video. Print magazines logged 30% here, ahead of infographics on 25%, webinars and podcasts on 23%, mobile apps on 21% and eBooks on 12%.

If your competitors and customers are on social media – then shouldn’t you be there too? If you are simply ‘playing’ in this space or testing the waters then it’s time to jump in.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are the main social media platforms for companies. It’s the place to start the conversation and grow your brand – on these relatively inexpensive platforms.

Shinesquad will help you face the challenge and win.

It’s about word of mouth and eyeballs – last month there were more people on YouTube than there were watching TV. Are you there with online video? Facebook has over one billion active users.

Brands are getting more bang for their buck by creating online content that goes viral and drives search engine keywords to their website and landing pages. Content marketing is the new king. Companies also need to track individuals who influence others to buy. Your objective is to create awareness, drive transactions, build brand preference and increase loyalty.

Maybe you fear the risks of negative comments? Or is it because you don’t understand the benefits?

Or is it because you simply haven’t got the time to do it?

Our job is to set up, manage, train and create high quality and engaging social media marketing content for your business. Whether it’s a journalist writing your blog, an animation or video showing what you actually do or creating a new online presence with a  digital brand identity and web design. We are a one stop shop to bring audiences to your digital door.

We can increase ‘likes’ by the thousands, continue positive conversations about your brand, build its value, create a buzz, understanding and interaction.

Start those important conversations that lead to proven growth in your sales now by calling our Social Media hotline on T + 44 203 582 3832 speak to our Social Media Evangelist Alan Greenhalgh or email us at social (@)

We look forward to conquering your fear.

Here’s some content Shinesquad created for online video production London for our client

Footfall 123

Social Rocket from Footfall 123


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