Extreme Power & Sensational Audio Acoustics with Bayan 7

A key test for upper range sound is  ‘can dogs hear it?’ Well, they’ll be cowering in the corner when this beast cranks up and spits out a monster sound from both its volume output and quality of performance. We’re not massive experts on sound, but we know what we like when we hear it, and the stats show that Bayan 7 holds its own at the higher the range of human hearing  – so that at about 10,000 Hz when other speakers rapidly drop off, it’s still holding its own. There’s a whopping 120W output and a world-first twin amplifier set-up – one drives the four mid and high range speakers, and a second is dedicated to driving the 8 inch bass speaker. It looks super-sexy, as well, with a glass and matte black or white backdrop.  The price is £379.99 inc VAT. Amazing.

Bayan Audio 7

@leohopes downloading choons for the Bayan 7 – Black Keys was the fave!

We’ve had it in the office for a couple of weeks and are hooked on the Bayan 7  and agree that the quality is equal to or better than some pricier competitors. B&W and Bose sound dull compared to this. The sound at the top level – of course we cranked it up – stays clear. It took a couple of minutes to figure out the remote (point it at the right hand dock and see the power button on the top glow) and as soon as we did, we were hopping between docks and mixing it up. And our iPhones ((Bayan Audio is an Apple licensed partner) were charged up ready for us to continue the sound party in and out of office hours.

Bayan 7

The Bayan 7 £379.99 inc VAT

”Epitomising the phrase “form follows function” the Bayan range are strikingly impressive speaker docks for iPod/iPhone which boast  a stylish 9-12mm solid wood casing, designed specifically to reduce internal reflections to deliver rich, natural sound with no distortion.” With the metal speaker frames (not plastic) and main speaker encased in 12mm thick wood it weighs in at 6.84Kg. It’s a monster but the sound seems to bounce of the clear acrylic screen lightly, no reverb and crisp.

Award-winning Bayan 7

Each model in the range supports simultaneous Charge & Play functionality and the Bayan 7 features twin ports for iPod/iPhone, letting you switch between devices and playlists to prevent feuds and enjoy continuous and surprising hours of music – all without the worry of draining your battery life. There’s also a voice function so that you can get a clear effect listening to podcasts, audio books and talk radio.

There are a couple of models in the range the Bayan 7 and Bayan 3 (a pseudo-stereo experience which suits any room in the home with a more compact design).

Prices (inc VAT) start from an affordable:

Bayan 1 £119.99

Bayan 3 – £159.99

Bayan 7 – £379.99 

Available now from www.bayanaudio.com and selected retailers.

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