Beauty & gossip from Vanity Van salon backstage at Latitude Festival

Vanity Van logo festival events mobile beautyThe Vanity Van salon was absolutely rammed all weekend, fully booked every day and  had to turn dozens of people away – the artists at Latitude loved the treatments – male hair cuts and massages were the most popular as well as dozens of Miners Cosmetics makeovers on the girls, buckets of Batiste dry shampoo with  festival locks getting Nicky Clarke’s Tease Me ‘backcomb in a bottle’ for extra va va voom and quiffage.

Latitude is one of our favourite dates in the calendar and it really didn’t disappoint – such an eclectic mix of art, creativity, comedy and amazing music we love it.

Here’s the backstage beauty news, gossip and beauty tips from Alix Soame  and the team of Vanity Van,  the UK’s leading mobile beauty treatments supplier:

Eddie Izzard

Fiona Chapman, Vanity Van.

Eddie Izzard photo: Fiona Chapman

Eddie swung by the salon on Saturday and we talked nails, nails, nails. He had the most magnificent nails which were created by Sophie Harris-Greenslade from The Illustrated Nail. Created with gel polish and free hand nail art they are literally a work of art. He booked in for a Miners Makeover on the Sunday just before his set we used their brunette eyebrow pencil to define and shape his brows and some Miners Maxi mascara and black eyeliner to bring out his eyes ready for his set. He also had a relaxing hand massage whilst he was with us – we were so tempted to ask him about the rumours flying around site about him going for London Mayor. We also gave him a massive bag of Miners make up to play with take him back to his glam make up 90s days.
Fiona Chapman, Vanity Van, Latitude,, Goddess, Miners eyeshadow, Voluptulash, Miners extreme mascara

Becky Hill from Rudimental

We gave Becky a glam make over using Goddess Miners eyeshadow to create a beautiful smokey eye and finished it off with Voluptulash Miners mascara for extra va va voom. Becky had the longest eyelashes ever – stunning ! Some of the team popped round to watch the band and the make up looked amazing on the big screens.We had the entire Rudimental crew in for all kinds of treatments. Amir had a beard trim and hair cut, Tommy on vocals had a trim and Joel had a man manicure.

Sinead from Rudimental at Vanity Van Latitude Festival by Fiona Chapman

Sinead Harnett from Rudimental

The girl singers Becky and Sinead also had hair styling. We used some Nicky Clarke Weightless treatment with argan oil to smooth Becky’s locks and protect them, finishing off with some Batiste XXL plumping powder to give her some extreme body for their stage show. Sinead had Nicky Clarke heat protector sprayed on her curls which were created using Nicky Clarke irons and finished off with some Batiste shine spray and Nicky Clarke tease me.

The band got a bit of a ticking off by their manager as they were almost late on stage as they were with us – they even had to run their mics over to them in the salon.

Becky then dashed back into the salon as they came off stage to re blow dry her hair of all the sweat and stick in some hint of colour blonde Batiste – which should stop it going greasy so they could celebrate in style that night.


Fional Chapman, Vanity Van

Guy Lawrence from Disclosure

Howard and Guy had just landed with Rudimental from an amazing festival called Melt in Berlin where they both played together. Howard told us they have these giant cranes with strobes for stages and a beach behind each one. We chatted to both teams about Ibiza as Rudimental are flying out their to dj at Privilege next week and Disclosure have been out there four times already this season. Howard said they loved Ushuaia but were disappointed that as a pool party you can’t actually jump into the pool. We were comparing notes on favourite clubs and the big garage come back and how much we are loving it – Disclosure played with the legendary EZ the other day – one of our favs. The boys looked dapper in black jeans, Nike trainers and a green shirt. We gave them their first ever massages and they loved the goody bags for their girl friends Howard said we were bloody great!

Sinead from Rudimental watched Disclosure with us and we popped into see the boys after their set to congratulate them. I heard my name shouted from outside the dressing room and it was none other than Caroline Flack who gave me a massive hug and said she was gutted she had no idea we were at Latitude until that evening if she’d known she’d have been in everyday. The flackster and her best mate were wearing giant afro fros – and they had these on all festival – a genius disguise.

We popped out into the festival and bumped into Guy from Disclosure on his way out and he asked us to show them where the I arena was as he wanted to go see Roy Davies jnr – so we went down with them. The first track that Roy Davies Junior dropped was Disclosure’s own track, surreal dancing with them to their own track – he was made up.

Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware at Vanity Van by Fiona Chapman at Latitude Festival 2013

Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware swung by after her set on Saturday wearing a funky black top and denim jacket to say hi and give us a hug – we met her in May in Derry at Radio One’s Big Weekend in May and sorted out her festival ready digits with a red carpet manicure gel polish in ooo la licious on her toes and expresso yourself on her fingers. She looked gorgeous and she too had awesome nails – it’s all about the nails. We have been rocking out the Red Carpet Manicure gel nails at Latitude on the artists – Rockstar neon pink being aptly the most popular.

Everything Everything

The drummer Michael and bass player Jeremy came in from Everything Everything on Saturday discussing the trials of touring and how much the massage is so needed for their constant tour buses, stage shows and their manager tells us sleeping in odd positions in random places. They did 20 shows in June alone. I asked Jeremy how do they do it he said when they think about it now it’s difficult to think how they pulled that off, its pretty full on but it doesn’t really feel like work it’s their crew that have to all the hard work really – they are just doing something that they love every day. They loved their Vanity Van goody bags especially the Batiste dry shampoo perfect for touring and the Miners Cosmetics make up is perfect to keep the other halves happy.

Bloc Party

Bloc party popped in last thing on Friday for hair cuts and we stayed open for them especially. Their crew was loving our Nicky Clarke samples they stripped us bare (of the products that is!) We used some Nicky Clarke instant calmer to smooth the locks of one of their undercuts. They spent ages with us lounging in the Bean Bag waiting room relaxing before their set.


Igor from Daughter managed to secure the last massage slot of the day on Saturday the poor thing was knackered after relentless touring – one of his band members says he has what is known in the industry as ‘rock neck‘ – too much head banging on stage not enough warming up. Igor said sometimes they are so tired they end up falling asleep on planes dribbling – not the best look. They fly to Oz in the morning for yet another gig – the rest of the band were gutted we couldn’t squeeze them – there’s always next year boys! They took a fab goody bag of Miners and Nicky Clarke treats for the lead singer Eleanor – am sure they gained massive brownie points for that. The drummer said after we handed them a can of Batiste as a consolation prize that he’s never washing again, erm, nice.

Fiona Chapman, Vanity Van, Latitude Festival

Vanity Van backstage at Latitude


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