Clutch hatches in East London

Clutch – a new breed of chicken restaurant will serve up buckets of guilt-free, ethically sourced fried chicken from its first home near Columbia Road, London this December. All produce comes from a small free-range farm in Wiltshire, using eggs produced in clutches; that’s when all the eggs are laid at a single time.

Clutch Chicken

With its unique cooking method, using finest grade groundnut oil to fry all their chicken, choose from a menu of high quality, crispy, fresh-from-the-fryer chicken including ‘Wings cheaper by the dozen’ (£11.95) and ‘Happy Hens’ – a peppery buttermilk and a peanut & chilli crust fried chicken.

Try ‘Clutch it up’ chilli scrambled eggs and the ‘Dozey Drake’ duck eggs and caramelized onions with brunch and dinner served up alongside simple, well-chosen sloppy sides (£3.95) like ‘Mother Hen stuffing’, roasted corn and ‘Fabulously Fried Fries’ [twice fried in peanut oil].

‘Clutchtails’ (£9) such as the ‘Cackling Goose Cosmo’, ‘Gamey Gimlet’ and ‘The Bitter Hen’ are created by head mixologist Ben Fisher.

The restaurant’s interior has been designed by Christina Fallah and exterior designed by graffiti artist, Maser and Gareth Pugh.

For more information, visit:

Follow live updates at @clutchchicken

Clutch will be open:

Monday – Thursday: 11am – 11:30pm

Friday – Saturday: 11am – 12:30pm

Sunday: 9am – 12pm

Find Clutch at:


4 Ravenscroft Street


E2 7QG

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