Contact Card Network Wink Machine Launches 

Wink Machine’s aim is simple – to get strangers talking.

What sets them apart from other dating or networking sites is that initial contact isn’t achieved online but out there in the real world.  This is done via the use of uniquely coded contact cards, known as “Wink Cards”.

The network is primarily aimed at singles and sociable types and is an absolute piece of cake to use.  Once registered, users create a simple profile before going on to order a set of 50 cards.  All that’s left is to pass one to someone they take a shine to and the simple instructions guide the card receiver through the secure contact process.

The cards themselves have been designed with the end-user in mind – not only are they so visually appealing that you want to reach out and grab one but once in hand they feel great too.

Wink Machine’s founder Rich Wilson says about the concept, “This really is the ultimate icebreaker.  What more of an excuse do you need to head over to that guy or girl you’ve spotted on the train or in a bar to say hi?  Pull out a Wink Card, hand it over and away you go.  If you’re feeling ballsy you don’t even need to say a word — just pass the card and you’re connected.”

With the onus on simplicity, a card that carries no names, telephone numbers or email addresses is both safe to use and adds a sense of mystery which we all love.

Head to to find out more and order your own set of Wink Cards.

50 cards £13.95

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