Serious Skullduggery with Firebox’s Chocolate Skull at £349.99 launches Chocolate Skulls –  confectionery craniums cast by hand and moulded on a real human skull, displaying the ravages of age as well as various time worn scars and bumps.  Available in three flavours of rich, high-quality Belgian chocolate, each skull weighs approximately 2.5kgs. Kept in a cool, dry place the Chocolate Skulls are edible for up to a year; making them an excellent cranial commodity or cannibalistic treat.

Firebox Skulls

Product Details

  • Each skull is made to order and includes a Certificate of Authenticity
  • Three flavours include: Creamy and Delicious ‘Bone Chocolate’, Decadent and Rich Dark Chocolate and Exotic Semisweet Chocolate
  • Looks a bit like the horrifying remains of Augustus Gloop, if he hadn’t survived his trip up Willy Wonka’s chocolate pipe, and had been excavated years later from the fudge room.

Chocolate Skulls are available at jaw-dropping Damien Hirst prices from Firebox for £349.99.

These guys need their bumps feeling.

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