FOOD: Aloha to Trader Vic’s London 4th July Independence Day Dinner

Trader Vic’s are pushing out the boat, or should that be canoe, with their 4th July US Independence Day dinner. £49 per head with tasty barbeque treats from their amazing Chinese wood-fired ovens using an ancient cooking method dating back to the Han Dynasty. The ribs are delicious – and tasty, no need for the accompanying dips. Known for their cocktails in branded cups, they are evolving their London menu to make it much more of a destination dining spot.

It was Vic “The Trader” Bergeron who first put Chinese dishes alongside contemporary Continental cuisine in the late 1930s, creating the original fusion menu. It’s much the same today, but true to their slogan “Taste The World” you can expect some updates to the menu in the next few months.

The perfect setting – 4th July Dinner at Trader Vic’s London

Trader Vic's

THE MENU 4th July #IndependenceDay meal with a special all-American menu

These cute tikis are iconic and had a photo shoot all of their own.

Trader Vic's

salt waiting for pepa – push it real good!

Trader Vic's TIki Room

Private dining in the Tiki Room at Trader Vic’s London

The tapa cloth wallpaper used in Trader Vic’s comes from Tonga, where paper mulberry trees are sliced, starched and hand- painted to create these exotic textures and patterns.

Each piece is different, and made individually for the 26 Trader Vic’s restaurants around the world.

4th of July at Trader Vic’s

To celebrate the 4th of July with us book a table, call 020 7208 4113 or email

To celebrate the 4th of July

Delicious! Tender BBQ spare ribs from the original 1972 recipe.

Vic said: “You can have more fun with a flower behind your ear, a Mai Tai in your hand and good friends.”

He certainly got that right.

Trader Vic's

Aloha – welcome to paradise


Trader Vic’s, 22 Park Lane, London W1K 1BE

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