Free Bottomless Lunch at the Poke Pup Club Battersea

Bottomless brunches are all the rage, and whilst you may have taken your furry friend along to a dog-friendly brunch, what about them? Why should you have all the fun? So Poke House Battersea has announced a brunch for dogs to launch its new dog walking club, “The Poke Pups Club

Taking place in Battersea, London, from Sunday June 4th everyone who signs up to the Poke Pups Club can enjoy a free coffee whilst the dogs dine, or tuck in themselves with a member’s discount on human house poke bowls. On your first visit with your pup you will receive a famous poke pup bowl. Your membership entitles you to 10% off your bill at Poke House for the next year when dining with your pup.

The poke pup bowl, curated by dog-nutritionist Cam Wimble,  is a protein and amino acid-rich bowl made up of quinoa which contains all 10 essential amino acids, courgette, red cabbage, chicken and nori seaweed which is a great source of iodine, for a healthy hormone function.”. It’s a meal with ingredients proven to support dog gut health, immune systems and coat health.

For humans the ever-evolving menu includes a core range of House Bowls including Sunny Salmon, Spicy Tuna and Vegan Bowl. Every bowl is made with the freshest ingredients, with all greens and fruit and veg (from avocados to mango) delivered daily from local and trusted suppliers. 

Pictured: Poke House, Dogs.

  • WHERE: Poke House, Battersea Power Station, Circus Rd S, Nine Elms, London SW11 8BZ
  • WHEN: Meeting at 11AM, Sunday June 4th, 2023
  • WHAT: Dogs will enjoy a free Pup Poke Bowl, Poke Pup Club members will receive a free coffee before going on a communal walk in the area at 11:30AM
  • ALSO: Dog expert from Paws App will be on hand to offer free top training tips to anyone who wants help
  • HOW: Sign up to the Poke Pup Club here and book your free brunch ticket on Eventbrite HERE

The dog walking club will then continue Sundays through the summer, where Londoners are invited to meet at the restaurant, enjoy a free coffee morning and take their pups out with their new-found friends.

Don’t miss out by booking your ticket HERE Join the Poke Pup Club and enjoy the benefits here

Terms & Conditions

  • The complimentary Poke Pup bowl is available on the first visit only and all individuals must be signed up to the Poke Pup Club via link HERE
  • Poke Pup Club Members can enjoy a free coffee every Sunday at 11am, whilst attending the Poke Pups Club
  • Anyone who signs up to the club will also receive a 10% discount off total bill transactions (not in conjunction with any other promotion)
  • Items in the Pup Poke bowl cannot be changed for other items on the Poke House menu
  • Poke House holds no responsibility for any adverse reactions to dogs from the ingredients included in the bowls
  • Customers accept responsibility for any adverse reaction to their dogs from the Poke Pups bowl
  • We recommend that each customer checks with their vet before getting their dog a Poke Pups bowl

Poke Pup recipe: 

  • Base: Quinoa (40g)
  • Protein: Cooked chicken (80g)
  • Green: Red cabbage (20g), Courgette (20g)
  • Sprinkle: Nori seaweed