Global Launch of Triumph Essence ‘Fantasy Mirror’

The Triumph ‘Fantasy Mirror’, allows the customer to experience the collection without removing a single item of clothing. This uniquely interactive way of trying on lingerie requires shoppers just to select their item of underwear on the digital touch screen and then watch as the mirror creates a 3D visualisation that perfectly maps it to their shape. OgilvyAction London was responsible for the conceptual and digital development, creation and implementation of the idea and event, on behalf of their client Triumph.

Global Launch at Selfridges, London on 23 February, 2012.


  •  Sales: significant sales uplift – 50% increase in sales
  • PR: Over £300,000 in earned coverage (approximate circulation of over 80 million) received
  • Campaign reach: Potential reach of over 4.3 million shoppers per week

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