GOWEX Launches “We2” In New York City: The New Social Wi-Fi

We2 will work by harnessing the global presence of Wi-Fi by turning “private” hotspots – such as those found in shops and restaurants – into public hotspots, which can be accessed for free by users registered on the We2 network. The We2 network will also include access to GOWEX’s hotspots in around 80 cities worldwide.  Users accessing the We2 network through We2 App, will also be able to see other We2 users on the network, creating “ad hoc” localised relationships.

Gowex New York

By creating a partnership model, We2 provides multiple benefits for operators: it will save them money and capacity by providing an alternative for cellular data offloading; it will expand connectivity options for their subscribers, thus encouraging greater loyalty, and; it will create new revenue opportunities by, for example, facilitating advertising and communications activities between retailers and customers.

The successful GOWEX group business model (based on deploying and monetizing global wireless smart cities through advertising, data offloading and premium users) will be expanded to 300 Wireless Smart Cities before 2020.

We2 will be launched in New York on 15th December, backed by the NYC Economic Development Corporation as part of the Bloomberg Administration’s efforts to further the position New York as a “Technology Hub”, will see GOWEX building We2-equipped Wi-Fi networks in several key corridors in Manhattan, Queens and Bronx, adding to the more than 2,000 outdoor access points the company has been operating in the city.

With offices in Madrid, Paris, Dubai, London, Buenos Aires, Shanghai and Costa Rica, GOWEX develops a sustainable business model in its WiFi network, based on the efficiency and technical quality of its patented platforms: the Roaming Platform, which allows users to be freely connected in all cities, and the Advertising and Geo-localized Content Platform, which allows a financing system by means of advertising and marketing agreements.


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