HTC One Free Fall Fashion Shoot | Make-up by Adam Breuchaud

Adam J Breuchaud

Adam J Breuchaud

A-list make-up artist Adam J Breuchaud already works the red carpet-look with Anne Hathaway, Bryce Dallas Howard and Vera Farmiga so we were surprised to find him in the desert on an actual runway, in a trailer, with planes buzzing overhead. He’s on set to create the look for the HTC One Free Fall Fashion Shoot advertising campaign in Arizona.

That’s right – Free Fall as in jumping out of one of those planes.

He gives Alan Greenhalgh the inside scoop on the look for stunning model and world champion skydiver, Roberta Mancino’s futuristic make-up, prepped and ready to stand up to winds of 120 mph and heights of 14,000 ft.

Adam J Breuchaud Eyes and Feathers

Adam Breuchaud - Eyes and Feathers

He has already created strong looks like this, been up a handful of times on his own and knows what it’s like to work under pressure.

Here’s what he told us about the look:

”A lot of commercials are plain jane make-up where the brief is for the make up to be ‘like a mother or a neighbour.’

So to get to do a high fashion shoot and, ultimately, the skydiving aspect drew me in.

Originally our look was very high fashion but it needed to fit around working behind goggles, with hair in a helmet and could be seen in the sky.

Immediately we knew it had to be more either an eye or a lip. The client wanted more of an eye so we went for a bolder, darker eye.”

What are the challenges of make-up at the height?

”Being up in the sky the make-up doesn’t move the way it would by wearing it throughout the day. It definitely changes the consistency and texture. We have about seven to 14 minutes in between jumping, reloading and sending the model back up. So it’s quite a time constraint to keep it looking fresh and new every time. One of the difficult things was having the eye make-up move around the face at those fast speeds.”

Adam says that ”if we were down on the ground the whole time, I might not powder at all and just leave the make-up moveable so I could mould it; but we needed to really powder it in order to go up there. Once you’ve got powder then it is difficult to add layers over it and it just ends up cakey.”

Keeping Roberta’s lipstick on was also quite tricky – lots of reapplication and most came off by the time she reached the ground.

Here’s how Adam created the look:

He primes her eye with a MAC Cream Color Base in Fantastic Plastic.

Chanel Quad Prelude

The bulk of the actual colour and shape of the eye comes from a Chanel eye quad called Prelude.

Serge Lutens fard-a-peaupieres

Serge Lutens fard-a-peaupieres

Serge Lutens makes an amazing palette that has one of the blackest blacks you’ve ever -seen – that’s where the dark, dark comes from. So those two palettes are the bulk of what I do eye-wise.

Anastasia Brow Wiz

Anastasia Brow Wiz

Then we darken her brow with the Anastasia Brow Wiz in a Medium Ash.

Then I put a little bit of black mascara in her brow to darken it and separate the actual hair itself.

Skinwise I am mixing a little of the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in 4.5 and 5.5 between sand and natural beige with Chanel Universal Creme Bronzer and Stila Cream Cheek Colour in Camilla and Armani Bronze Mania 1 in golden brown.

For the lips it is a mixture of

Rouge Volupte 2

Rouge Volupte 2

YSL Rouge Volupté Radiant Lipstick SPF 15 in #2 ‘Sensual Silk’ and the Stila cream colours to hold into the lip. And a really great Lip Liner from Giorgio Armani in a Silk Lip Pencil #1.

The big challenge for Adam making sure the goggles were as big and clear as possible. A lot of the goggles have black rimming around the edges or down the nose panel we needed to see the biggest shape of the eye we could.

We did a couple of tests beforehand to set the look and we did go up in the wind tunnel more to see about maintaining the look. Obviously her eyes are behind the goggles so that make up moves the least it’s more her skin and lips we had to maintain more.

I brought some reference photos going into the shoot so we were pretty lucky to land the first time with a definite look. We went for a classic dark eye and nude lip which I tweaked a little, as since she’s flying through the sky, to add another colour.

Anne Hathaway Kennedy Center Honours Make up by Adam Breuchaud

Anne Hathaway Kennedy Center Honours Make up by Adam Breuchaud

The very friendly and warm Adam says ‘I do editorial and press stuff with celebrities. I work with Anne Hathaway, Bryce Dallas Howard, Julia Jones from The Twilight Saga, Vera Famiga and help with their appearances and press junkets.’

The last red carpet he did was The Oscars for Angela’s Ashes actress Kerry Condon who will next been seen as a jockey in a new HBO show ‘Luck.’ The series also stars Dustin Hoffman and Nick Nolte.

Adam says ”Everyone’s so great but I work with Michelle Monaghan quite a bit and I like her a lot and also Liv Tyler.”

What’s up next?

”For Spring Summer one thing that no one ever talks about is sun block. I’m really into cream bronzers, cream cheek colours to keep the fashion look dewy. And a bright lip, a pink or tulip – something bold, be bold for sure.”

Adam J Breuchaud and Alan Greenhalgh

Adam J Breuchaud and Alan Greenhalgh

HTC Make-up Counter

HTC Shoot Make-up for Roberta Mancino




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