HTC One X with Beats Audio – Camera Spec

HTC One X is the incredible new quad-core super phone from HTC.

The large screen and powerful processor make it perfect for gaming, watching videos and surfing the net.

We´ve tried it out and can tell you it´s true. Great performance in low light, super high quality in filming and fast.

Here is the spec:

New advanced camera technology in the form of HTC ImageSense which allows the user to produce amazing photography in the most difficult conditions such as the world first skydiving fashion shoot.

Teamed with Beats Audio, 25GB online storage free for two years, and the ability to wirelessly share content from the phone onto a TV, HTC One X is the most advanced smartphone from HTC yet.

The perfect shot

Brand new ImageSense technology, with an eight megapixel camera and F/2.0 lens, that captures more light, make the photography capabilities of the HTC One X just as good as a compact digital camera. it also has an in-built lowlight capture capabilities making the phone perfect to take pictures in a dark gig venue. Image sends allows the HTC 1X to replace an everyday camera and adapter diverse and difficult shooting conditions, enabling high-quality photographic creativity with every shot. Faster than the blink of an eye in just 0.7 seconds you’re able to take a shot with the new superfast 0.2 seconds autofocus and even firer continue shooting, mode to make your images standout from the crowd.

Here´s a quick video grab we took on the advertising set of the HTC Free Fall Fashion Shoot in Arizona. The global campaign for the new superphone launches in Spring 2012.



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