Hyalual Redermalisation- the anti ageing surprise on Plumper Faces, Lips and Breasts

Honey, I’ve had a little something done,” confesses Sex and the City’s Samantha Jones after her run in with a facial peel. So when I was invited to try new treatment redermalisation, something to do with hyaluronic acid and vitamins, I thought what the hell?

It couldn’t be as bad as this. By Alan Greenhalgh

Samatha Jones Sex and the City facial peel

“I’ve looked better”

Not quite sure what to expect, it came a bit clearer when Lithuanian-born Dr. Asta of Rederm in Harley Street, ran through the comprehensive questionnaire and disclaimer form. I guess the give away was, ‘Are you afraid of needles?’ ‘Well not when they are still in the box,” I quipped. Fast forward to a blue-gloved Dr. Asta unsheathing a hypodermic syringe and smiling beatifically.

So no deep cleanse, scrub and peel like the usual microdermabrasion.   A light application of the anaesthetic cream, cold and tingly on the skin, is the closest I get to a dab of Creme de la Mer.  This was much more clinical, I was about to be injected with hyaluronic acid and 59, count ’em, vitamins.

Dr Asta worked quickly and gently, identifying the areas of my face that needed a boost – such as above my eyebrows so that my under eye circles weren’t so visible, and after about 25 jabs declared the job done. The needles didn’t hurt, thanks to the cream and expertise of the doctor, they’re more like annoying scratches.

The Hyalual branded product she used comes in different strengths and can be used at any adult age, say, for the first signs of ageing where smaller lines are smoothed out or later in life  to make larger lines and wrinkles less visible.

Asta’s Russian clients, well-used to these treatments, forgo the anaesthetic and demand “Make me look surprised!”

Picking up the mirror wondering if Liberace was going to grin back, I only saw a few tiny red patches and little bit of a flush. Within half an hour I was in and out and looking years younger.

I could feel my face was like a big, shiny apple.

Within three days my skin was super radiant and very plump.

I felt like a coochy-coo  baby with pinchable cheeks.

All the major cosmetic companies are launching products containing hyaluronic acid (HA) which occurs naturally in the skin. It has remarkable properties, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, and stimulating rejuvenation of skin cells, particularly in the face, neck and breast area, normally where the first signs of ageing are seen.

The HA provides continuous moisture to the skin by binding up to 1000 times its weight in water. Roughly 50% of the HA in our body is found in the skin  but with age, the ability of the skin to produce it decreases.

HA and collagen are vital to maintaining the skin’s layers and structure. It is the collagen that gives the skin its firmness but it is the HA that nourishes and hydrates the collagen.

In Mintel’s report and now for the science bit it was noted that ‘the explosion of new-generation serums, retinol, hyaluronic acid and probiotic technology are proof of the extensive scientific understanding of the physiology and biology of the skin targeting particular aspects of skin function.

Plumping up my skin, lessening the wrinkles and making me glow did the trick.

The price for the full face redermalisation treatment was £250.

It should last for at least three months and as it’s all natural ingredients gently flushes out the face over time.

hyalual products from Rederm

Rederm, the company that did my treatment,  as well as many procedures such as botox and redermalisation are also the distributors of a new product, Hyalual Daily Delux Spray, which has just been approved in the UK and is even more effective than those currently on the market. The difference is the addition of succinic acid, known as amber, which, when added to its hyaluronic friend, works in combination to provide even better anti-aging results. Developed in the Ukraine, and manufactured in Switzerland, this product has been in use for many years throughout Eastern Europe. It is also useful in promoting healing after face-lifts and other invasive procedures, and is particularly beneficial as it is applied by spraying, which negates the need to touch the skin, reducing contamination. It is available in two sizes – 150ml, and a flight-friendly 100ml spray, which is good for frequent flyers as it can be carried on board, and is useful for reducing dehydration of the skin during long-haul journeys.

For more information about redermalisation and many other treatments, call 0844 693 2326 to speak with one of their fully qualified doctors.

Rederm Limited

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Ph: 0844 693 2326


redermalisation by rederm harley street treatment cosmetic

Rederm clinic in Harley Street

After a while the effects lessen but would I have it done again? Yes, absolutely!


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