JustBook: First Class Hotels, Last Minute Prices

Missed your plane? Meeting overran and stranded for the night? Decided, on the day, to turn that London shopping trip into a luxury mini-break? Then reach for your mobile and make a spontaneous hotel booking using the JustBook app, new to the UK.

With JustBook, which is free to download, finding accommodation in a city at the very last minute is super-fast, super-easy and comes with room savings of up to 50%.

Each day between midday and 2am, JustBook publishes the most attractive room deals from its network of hotels. This means you can guarantee a room with a credit card at ten to two in the morning and be in your bed by two on the dot.

The JustBook app lists rooms in three participating hotels per city and rooms are placed into one of four simple categories — Luxury, Upscale, Design and Comfort.

JustBook is the first ‘last minute’ room booking app to launch on all three major smart phone platforms — iPhone, Blackberry and Android — and currently has a database of hundreds of luxury hotels in 30 major European cities.

Stefan Menden, Founder, JustBook, commented:

“Mobile technology is empowering people in many aspects of their lives and we like to think JustBook makes booking a high-end hotel room at low prices at the very last minute easier than it has ever been before. With the Olympics only weeks away, it will come in particularly handy as availability and prices are likely to be extremely unpredictable.”

Already successful in Germany we can see it working in London too. Let’s hope we don’t get accused of drunk dialling when our ‘business’ meetings overrun.

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