L A D Fashion from Daniele Alberto Lombard­­i

L A D is a lifestyle brand, built around essential, contemporary pieces designed for socially and culturally aware men. From Italian-born menswear fashion designer Daniele Alberto Lombard­­i, who has worked with international brands in London, Shanghai and Istanbul.

L A D by Daniele Alberto Lombard­­i

L A D by Daniele Alberto Lombard­­i

L A D communicates and reminds us of the human need to belong, not to a group, but to a global community, united by the desire to use aesthetic variation to strengthen values and identity – concepts which have been challenged since fashion has also been globalised. Personal identity can’t be lost, but it needs to be pursued and nourished a which is the ethos of L A D.

Some pieces  can be bought at the following store in Italy: http://www.pulleystore.com

L A D at Pulley Store, Via Chiabrera 41r, 16123 Genova


Daniele Alberto Lombard­­i,

L A D by Daniele Alberto Lombard­­i – Paper shoes

 “Those who do not move, do not notice their chains.” ― Rosa Luxemburg

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