MMUK – Britain’s First Make-Up Store For Men

Make-up brand MMUK MAN is about to make UK retail history, having announced plans to open the first brick-and-mortar make-up store for men in the country, according to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Launched in 2012, MMUK has been recognized as one of the first brands to tap into the male make-up realm, and to challenge the stereotype that only women can or should wear make-up.

While male make-up products have been available online prior to this, this level of interest from a mainstream retailer is a further step towards normalising male beauty products in both the marketplace and at a wider, societal level.


With the launch of MMUK’s retail store, the company has also recognised a key limitation in the proliferation of male cosmetics, which is accessibility. Through the creation of a physical store, the brand has identified that the ability to interact, test and engage with products in real life will be a major factor catalysing growth in the industry. This is particularly important given that male cosmetics have largely been confined to the online retail space.

The men’s makeup Christmas Box  (£160) is an option as a cosmetic newbie – it contains plenty of products that look natural, like a clear mascara and clear brow gel that are perfect for beginners.

UK's first male makeup store

Christmas Gifts for Him – make-up kit for men



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