Optimise Your Personal Space in Crowded London

At first glance the PVC jacket looks unremarkable, however if the wearer feels their space is being encroached by others, the coat can be inflated via an electric pump into a valve in the jacket – creating a barrier between wearer and busy crowds.

When inflated the Space Optimiser* jacket creates an exclusion zone of 18 inches – the minimum measurement of what is considered ‘personal space’ according to experts in Proxemics – the study of how humans utilise space.


A study commissioned by Leonardo Hotels shows a whopping 3.5 million Brits have never visited London, with 21 percent of those polled saying it’s because the capital is too busy and imposing on personal space.

So Leonardo Hotels created the jacket which they are considering rolling out for their guests at their hotels in London (Tower Bridge, City, St Paul’s and Heathrow) if the prototype proves to be a success.


Much less annoying than a rucksack, right?

* The Space Optimiser jacket is a prototype however if you would like it to be made widely available to the public, tweet #SpaceOptimiser @leonardostpauls @leonardoldncity @leotowerbridge.