Original Batmobile on sale for $5m

The original Batmobile, from the 1966 TV series, has gone on sale in the US for $5m. The car, which was driven by caped crusader Adam West, was inspired by a concept car developed by Ford, called the Lincoln Futura.

Batmobile on sale for $5m

Barris’ design involved attaching additional bat inspired wings and a new front nose to the vehicle.

Despite the car’s original cost of $250,000, it was sold to car customiser George Barris for $1.00 and parked behind Barris’ shop where it sat idle for several years and was allowed to deteriorate. In 1966 Barris was requested to design a theme car for the Batman television series. It was rebuilt in just three weeks and  equipped with rockets, oil slicks and other gadgets including an automatic tyre re-inflating system and a Batphone.


This is the first time that the #1 Batmobile has been up for sale since it left Barris’ personal collection in January 2013

The car is on sale at the Barrett-Jackson Collection Showroom in Arizona.

Read more about the car here #1Batmobile 

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