Post apocalyptic at Casa Violeta, Mexico

If you saw this post apocalyptic commercial you’ll understand where we are coming from…


Matthew Devlen reports from Tulum, heart of the Mayan Empire.

‘Spent three heavenly days with my imagination in overdrive exploring this still relatively unspoiled stretch of the Mayan Riviera near Tulum in Mexico. Luckily, I caught up with my dear friend Lelaine Lau at Casa Violeta, the cool, breezy beachfront digs that seduced her away from the concrete jungle of New York. She wasn’t letting the sand get stuck between her toes for long and is already vamoosing to Costa Rica, but not before she spilled the frijoles on the Goa of the Americas.

Quintana RooWe explored the ruins of Tulum and Cobá and navigated like a true Gumballer in our sporty rental car over the numerous and seldom announced official speed bumps (topes) on the local roads, taking flight only once. An amazing, spiritual few days immersed in the ancient culture of the Mayans as well as the flora and fauna in the jungles of Quintana Roo.

With the second largest barrier reef in the world, bat caves and cenotes to fall for, this new spiritual hotspot on the Yucatán Peninsula has everything to satisfy the Indiana Jones in all of us.

We’ll be back at this new Mesoamerican Mecca to really dig our heels in for the adventure that awaits us all in December 2012. Stay tuned.’

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