A Pukka Cuppa – 10th Birthday Peppermint and Fairwild Licorice Blend to Raise Money for WWF

In celebration of their tenth birthday, Pukka has created an  exclusive Peppermint and Fairwild Licorice organic herbal tea in partnership with  WWF  (World Wide Fund for Nature) to raise at least  £50,000 for conservation work across the planet. 20p from every packet sold goes to help people and nature thrive. Fairwild is an accreditation programme for collected wild plant, fungi and lichen species worldwide. They need protection too!

Pukka 10th Birthday Party

Cocktails, Cakes and Flowers for Pukka’s 10th Birthday Party

We had the pleasure of joining Pukka for gorgeous teas, healthy nibbles, cake and a splash of licorice cocktails – well, it was a party.  We’ve take a while to write up this story because we were lucky enough to sample the new tea (it’s delicious and gives a lovely fragrance when you open the kitchen cupboard) and Pukka’s Relax Tea – oh my, how it works!

Pukka Nibbles and Tea

Pukka Nibbles, Tea and Tweets

The tea comes in a pretty, vibrant pink and green packaging with gold individual sachets which would make rather  a nice gift. The taste is pure and cleansing and naturally caffeine-free. The refreshing peppermint leaf (60%) is to support digestion and the naturally sweet licorice root (40%) to calm and nourish. We are hooked. We remember sucking licorice sticks on our eastern travels and it’s good to tie-in those memories with today by helping support those places we visited. Pukka only uses herbs from organic and sustainable sources, enjoying long-term and fair-trade bonds with their suppliers and can all be traced back to the field in which they were actually grown.

Pukka Founder Tim Westwell and Sebastian Pole

‘Pukka’ means perfect and was founded by Sebastian Pole and Tim Westwell. They were brought together by a mutual interest in promoting well-being. Sebastian is a qualified practitioner in ayurveda and Chinese and Western herbal medicine and an avid herb grower. We met him at the party and he told us that he has his own plants in his kitchen garden at home and is particularly fond of marshmallow as a great drink in between meals so you don’t end up snacking on processed foods. He loved herbal teas and realised that there was a need for innovative herbal teas that tasted delicious. Fate intervened in 2002 when Tim placed an advert in a local magazine asking, ‘Do you want to grow business in a healthy way?’ There was just one response. It came from Seb.

Ten years on they are still as passionate about sharing the wonders of organic herbs as they were when the seeds of Pukka were first sown. That passion just gets stronger with time and by the taste of it, more delicious.

Pukkaherbs - The Story So Far

Say no more… the badges speak for themselves

Today there are 40 Pukka People.

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Happy Birthday Pukka!

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