Restaurant Reviews from Real Diners

Thanks to a tie-up between award-winning independent customer feedback system, Feefo, and Restaurantdiary, an online restaurant reservation service, reviews have become more transparent.

Not only can the restaurant track who the customer was, what they ate and which member of staff served them, they also get immediate alerts if a bad review is received so they can act on it immediately. It means an end to the malicious review because only customers who have actually dined at the restaurant get a chance to express an opinion.

With management able to read many of the reviews within 12 hours of service problems can be solved immediately or relevant staff praised for their efforts. We’ve read some of the feedback and the response from the restaurant and it’s impressive.

For years, Feefo has been supplying millions of ratings and reviews to some of the biggest names in retail – from The White Company to Notonthehighstreet – but this is its first step into the world of restaurant reviews.

And it’s already working.

This new service has been trialled by a restaurant in Cork and the results have been startling.The Electric Cork was the first restaurant to use Feefo alongside Restaurantdiary and the results were immediate – a 96 per cent positive rating which translated into Google stars thanks to Feefo’s partnership with the search engine.

Reviews are a huge part of the restaurant industry but countless owners had their fingers burned by fake reviews. Perhaps this signals the end?


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