Robin Hood’s Nottingham

So who was Robin Hood? At the last count there were 12 candidates, ranging from Robyn Hood of Wakefield, West Yorkshire, to Robin of Locksley and the Earl of Huntingdon. If you fancy yourself as lucky number 13, enjoy an authentic Robin Hood experience and pick up the Robin Hood Trail from the Nottingham tourism centre. Here you can discover more about Robin’s arch enemy, Nottingham Castle and the place where he distributed law and order, the Galleries of Justice. You’ll also see the oldest pub in England which would have been a favoured meeting point for soldiers on the Crusades in the time of Richard the Lionheart. Venturing out into the wider county and Sherwood Forest, you can see beautiful scenery with ancient oak trees hundreds of years old and caves where Robin may have hid.

Attractions in the area offer invigorating activities like a tree top adventure course and off-road cycling.  The 28th Robin Hood Festival will take place over one week from Monday 13 to Sunday 19 August.

Entry to the festival is free. A standard £5 daily car parking fee applies.

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