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Fascinating documentary here called ‘Roseboy’ which follows four celebrity obsessives to explore their motivations and the highs and lows that today’s celebrity culture generates.

It’s a two part series and features a boy called Harvii who is 12 years old and is a ‘super-fan’ who leapt to his own form of stardom after a photo of him attempting to give Megan Fox a rose went viral.

Megan Fox Rose Viral

There is also another kid in the film who legally changed his second name to La Roux and a man who is trying to break the world record for the most signed celebrity tattoos.

We are not that obsessed here at shinesquad. Oh okay, we are.

If Rhianna’s videos give you more joy than your terrible dad, then who are you going to go to first? And what’s wrong with that?  Maybe a lot. Maybe not so much. Make your own mind up.’

Rose Boy – the Andy Capper produced documentary short explores the concept of celebrity obsession in today’s youth culture, through an exploration of its extremes and margins. Filmed over the course of 2010/11 the film follows four celebrity obsessives.

Filmakers Billie Porter (Channel 4, Jalouse, VICE, NME, Dazed & Confused)  and Jamie  Lee Curtis Taete befriended Harvii by accident one evening and felt that Harvii epitomised the zenith of  celebrity culture which has overtaken the UK.

Rose Boy also follows Danilo a Brazilian who has moved to the UK in the hope of fulfilling his lifelong dream of meeting all The Spice Girls.

Andy Capper commented ‘Everybody knows that celebrities fill a gap in people’s lives, especially in modern day Britain, where day-to-day life is increasingly maudlin and grey and short on sparkly moments. What we realised after shooting the people in this doc was that celebrities are not just adding a bit of voyeuristic glamour to people’s lives. It seems that they are, increasingly, becoming part of people’s families. This is particularly true when there is a family where the parents are separated. Instead of a photo of mum and dad on the fireplace, there is a photo of La Roux. Why bother with awkward meetings with dad when Rihanna or Megan Fox’s lives can enrich your existence instantly, much more so than a painful familial encounter. I think young people love instant thrills. More so all the time, considering the instant thrills are so available.’

Rose Boy airs on VICE.COM

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