Simplifying Shaving – Welcome to 3R Grooming: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle with men-ü

Ultra concentration, better performance and up to 90% less packaging? Yes, why not…


Educating Tubes (aka Peter Dale) of Sky Sports “Soccer AM” admitted to not knowing much about grooming and the more he got to know, the more he realised the humour in not knowing.  Grooming brand men-ü have exclusively collaborated with Tubes of Soccer AM along with comedy partner Robbie Knox and Blue’s Antony Costa in the video above.

You’d also be wise knowing about the men-ü Skin Refresher Set £9.95 from

Skin Refresher Set

Skin Refresher Set – ultra concentrate buddy tubes

Containing the men-ü Shave Crème, Healthy Facial Wash and Matt Moisturiser you can make sure that you cleanse, tone and refresh your skin on the move.

Matt Pack

Matt Pack

If shiny skin is a worry then try this men-ü Matt Pack for £11.95 which keeps greasy and oily skin at bay with this trio of ultra-concentrate products. Use of a clay mask up to 2 times per week should provide the optimum solution to greasy skin, and don’t forget to tone the skin after a clay mask and finally moisturise, if and where necessary. On a regular basis you should clean the face with a good facial wash – men-ü Healthy Facial Wash recommended. Something not too drying.

Black Pepper and Bergamot 100ml

I have tried the men-ü Black Pepper & Bergamot Shower Gel 100ml £8.95, and it’s fantastic. With an evocative scent of a spicy and fruity blend of black pepper and citrus coming out of a very good-looking red tube and a pump dispenser in the larger size tube. A little goes a long way and unlike cheaper shower gels, men-ü does not disappear through your fingers onto the shower tray but creates a rich lather that feels like the height of ‘clean’!

Liquifflex 100ml – medium hold and medium shine £16.95



I wasn’t blown away by Liquifflex – but maybe that’s the point! It’s great for quick styling – out of a pump dispenser and leaving no residue. Not sure what I was expecting – maybe a bit more shine?  It’s weightless and thickens the hair, so great for extra body and volume and as a foundation product applied into damp hair and blow-drying into desired style.

The great thing about these products is less is more, using a shower gel (which  is used as a shampoo too) a moisturiser ( which can double up as a shave balm) and a hair product that is easy to use and go quickly without the need to wash your hands after. Products are ultra-concentrated and are also launching refills soon.

You’ll also find men-ü products at Boots, on Mankind, and ASOS.

They are great and I’ll be ordering more from this menu!