Slendertone Connect Abs – Work It Like Usain Bolt

Get this before Christmas and trust me, you’ll enjoy the festive season even more, but not because this toning belt is a “get out of jail free” card!

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before and after – which is which?

Slendertone have launched Connect Abs, the world’s first toning belt to be controlled and monitored via a mobile app.  At the moment it’s only iOS compatible and there’s an android roll-out coming soon, but you can use the belt with or without the connectivity. It’s just a little less fun but still as effective. The belt is charged via a USB cable.

The idea behind the app is that it connects you to a virtual trainer that supports and motivates you plus has lots of health and lifestyle content. It’s based on Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology and using it alone for 30 minutes is the equivalent of 202 sit-ups.

The best thing, though, is to use the belt during your workout.  It’s quite a wow as you swipe the screen up and down to increase the intensity of the stimulation, while doing your sit ups.

EMS technology is completely safe and has been used in hospitals, clinics and physiotherapy practices around the world to strengthen and rehabilitate muscles, even top athletes such as Usain Bolt and Bruce Lee have used it in training.

slendertone connect abs

slendertone connect abs app


There are weekly targets and challenges to help you maximise your results. Just like iPhones’ Steps Pedometer it’s motivational – can I do a few more than the last time? You even get toning alerts to ensure you don’t miss a session.

Slendertone demonstrated the app via a 3d headset and had the “model” (he really looks like that!) on hand to talk about fitness and nutrition.  Even though you think, oh what the hell, I  can eat more mince pies now as I’ve now got the belt at home,  you don’t. You’re getting abs and you want to keep working on that. It’s quite addictive and even if you take it slowly, like me, you just feel and look better – less bloated.

Each week Connect calculates your personal F.I.T. score according to frequency of sessions per week, intensity of stimulation level, and toning power based on difficulty. The more you tone and turn up the power, the more F.I.T. points you accumulate over the course of each week – you are recommended to have 4-5 sessions per week at around 25 minutes for six weeks. The belt is discreet so you can wear it under a shirt anywhere, but especially during training.

Slendertone Connect is priced at £179.99 and available from

Get it and bin the mincies!



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