Snapshot In Time – helps to reunite David Walliams with school classmates

On 23 March 1983, an 11-year-old David Walliams stood on the stage at his Surrey grammar school and made people laugh for the first time. It was the night that was to change the course of his life and a moment that was captured on camera in a much-treasured photograph. Now, 30 years later, David wants to travel back to that day and recapture an experience that changed his life.

David Walliams ‘Snapshot in Time’ from ITV

The re-staged photograph of a school production of All The King’s Men was orchestrated by Rain Media Productions who have produced a film about the reunion, called Snapshot In Time.

David worked with his former school to find the names and contact details for each of his fellow cast members. The team used as one method of tracing the former classmates, scouring the website’s 36 million residential names and addresses.

Snapshot In Time is broadcast on Thursday, June 6 on ITV1 at 9pm.

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