Superbrands UK list of the most iconic brands

Top 20 Ranking Consumer Superbrands

1 Rolex
2 Lego
3 Samsung
4 Mastercard
5 Apple
6 Visa
7 Kellogg’s
8 British Airways
9 Google
10 Haagen-Dazs
11 Dyson
12 Andrew
13 Netflix
14 Heinz
15 Fairy
16 Nike
17 Coca-Cola
18 Sky TV
19 PayPal
20 Mercedes-Benz

Top 20 Ranking Business Superbrands

1 Apple
2 Google
3 Microsoft
4 PayPal
5 Emirates
6 BT
7 Mastercard
8 Samsung
9 Pfizer
10 British Airways
11 Visa
12 IBM
13 AstraZeneca
14 American Express
15 Adobe
16 Virgin Atlantic
17 Intel
18 Aviva
19 FedEx
20 Barclaycard

Rolex continues to be a favourite amongst UK consumers, with the esteemed watch maker garnering the top spot in this year’s Consumer Superbrands survey for the third consecutive year. Legacy toy maker Lego also enjoyed a successful survey year, buoyed by licensed products from series such as Star Wars and Harry Potter as well as its popular Technic sets.
In third place came Samsung, whose success is attributed to its award-winning range of smartphones and other electronic goods. Apple was closely behind in fifth position, whilst search engine Google made an impressive showing, by entering the top ten for the first time in 11 years – most likely due to many businesses adapting to home working and shifting their presence online. Mastercard overtook its rival Visa this year, climbing up to fourth place, giving card payment companies an ever-increasing stake in the consumer market.

British Airways defied all odds as it flew to success with the return of foreign travel. Holidaymakers, who had been cooped up due to lockdowns and travel bans, were eager to hop aboard, guaranteeing success for this iconic carrier. Haagen-Dazs also served sweet success with their luxurious ice cream offering up a perfect way to add a little indulgence into the daily routine. Other staples such as Kellogg’s have enjoyed an unexpected surge in popularity, with many turning to snacking for comfort and convenience. Meanwhile, streaming giants Netflix and Sky have become mainstays in most households and topped the list as Britain’s leading TV providers.

With the waning interest on Covid-19 developments, pharma corporations Johnson & Johnson and GSK were on the downward term in terms of relevancy; there was also a dip for popular communication app Zoom and social media platform Facebook. Evidently, consumers are actively searching for innovative products to meet their changing needs in a post-pandemic world.